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Royal Media Group (Bank Automation News)

Bank Automation News
AI for FIs: ChatGPT and Beyond

Hey ChatGPT. What’s the buzz around AI? Artificial Intelligence is certainly not new to the finance industry, with credit card fraud detection being an early use of the technology.

TechnologyAdvice (TechRepublic)

Best employee monitoring software 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way many enterprises think about work and where employees should reside for a number of reasons. With this paradigm change to hybrid and remote work, it is imperative that businesses are ensuring that both offsite employees and on-premises workers are completing tasks and assignments in a timely, efficient manner, and one way to guarantee this is happening is through use of employee monitoring software.

Apple reveals new MacBooks, swath of OS enhancements at WWDC 2022

Apple announced numerous new features for devices running its various operating systems during its yearly product rollout at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, as well as three new versions of its MacBook powered by the company's M2 chip.

Cyber Safety Review Board classifies Log4j as 'endemic vulnerability'

CSRB has released a report saying that the Log4j exploit is here to stay long-term, meaning businesses should be ready in case of a cyber attack. The Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB) recently labeled the Log4j security exploit as an 'endemic vulnerability' that will linger for years, according to a report released on Jul 11, 2022.

The Sentinel-News Sports

Underdog Dynasty

Underdog Dynasty
Georgia Southern begins Helton era with solid National Signing Day

While the 2021 football season was a rocky one for Georgia Southern (to put it mildly), the Eagles and new coach Clay Helton were able to put together a fairly impressive class considering Helton had overall little time to network, having accepted the job just two months ago.