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Boluwatife Babajimi-Joseph


Bolu is passionate about writing. He has worked with several clients (mostly in the animal health and fashion industries) and delivered articles, e-books, product descriptions, and product reviews that keep the readers engaged. He is always ready to take on new challenges, serving professionals and businesses.


Eva De Angelis

Freelance Health and Nutrition Writer - Dietitian Nutritionist

If you are looking for someone with a thorough knowledge of food, nutrition, and wellness, you have found the right person. I offer you professionalism, fast delivery, and quality content. I'm a dietitian nutritionist and chef from Argentina, that's passionate about everything related to food, nutrition, and cooking. I am a committed freelance writer who creates unique and compelling science-based content on health, wellness, science, and nutrition topics, for the everyday reader as well as for an academic or scientific audience. What I do: Blog posts, Web content, Ghostwriting, Recipe development. My educational background in Argentina includes a Bachelor's degree in Human Dietetics and Nutrition, a Postgraduate course in Nutrition, Gastronomy, and Health, a Middle-level Technician degree in Food Science, and a Culinary Diploma. CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]


Nada GamalEldean

Content writer, Copywriter, Freelance, Beauty Blogger

Looking for someone who can write high-quality articles for your website? I’ll help you stand out from the crowd and grow. I create engaging, impactful SEO-friendly content that can easily rank higher on Google. I'm a beauty blogger with 4+ years of experience in writing. Hence, I know how to write in-depth guides, generic posts, how-to guides, and affiliate marketing content efficiently and quickly. Something out-of-the-box in mind? We’ll make it work. Let’s connect: [email protected].


Sylvia Major

Writing & Science Communications

Do you want to inspire or educate people? I can help. I’m a writer with a background in the life sciences. I use copywriting, storytelling, and digital marketing strategies to help you connect authentically with your audience. I offer a range of tailored writing services, including: • Blog posts and articles for print or digital publication • Copy for the web, emails, or social media • White pages and case studies • Ghostwriting Working with me means you’ll get: • Exceptional writing so you can be proud of your content • Ethical research and messaging strategies • SEO-friendly content to get you noticed in the digital world • Writing that fits your organization's goals and voice • A collaborator who wants to support your work Learn more about me on socials: Contact me at [email protected] to see what we can create together!


Amusan Joshua

Direct Response Copywriter | SEO Content Writer | Creative and Storytelling

You are finally here! Welcome to my writing portfolio My name is Joshua. And I will like you to see how grateful one my clients was: "We've hired more than 22 copywriters to complete 100's of hours of work. Joshua was #1 writer in terms of quality, his copy is engaging, fun to read, compelling and most importantly sells the hell out of the product". That was the review of a client that hired me to write a compelling promotional email on a weight loss product, named Reactivate Plus. With more writers to choose from, I'm sure you have a very important decision to make every day. Should you hire me? For the past five years, I have provided the high-converting copy for successful businesses, savvy start-ups, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs. My passion is helping brands go big, have unique messages communicated clearly, and businesses grow and become stable. I possess the essential quality that most copywriters don't. Empathy. Knowing the mechanics of copywriting isn't enough. Without empathy, it is impossible to get people on a deep level, engage honestly, gain trust and write compelling copy that makes the prospect think you must be a psychic to understand them so well. This allows me to see and handle clients projects as if it's mine, having the clients' customers at heart. And to able to answer the "so what" question about the clients' product So, I can speak in a unique tone to each target audience, accurately understand their pain, and persuade them through compelling copy that your product or service will solve all their problems, even the problems they never know they have. And prompt them into taking action. My copywriting services include, Sales letter Landing page Website pages Email copy E-commerce product description Ads copy SEO writer And more We both know the talk is cheap. Hire me today and find out how my copy can help you attract, convert and retain more loyal customers. Contact my hot mail: [email protected]


Morgan Kenyon

Business Journalist

About me... I am an experienced writer, editor and business journalist. I have so far had the pleasure of writing for peak body organisations, not-for-profits, industry leaders, national and international franchises, SMEs, and sole traders. I value respect, passion, creativity, equity, and courage above all else. I grew up in a rural village and regional stories remain very dear to my heart. I am currently working as a business journalist for Region Media and loving every minute. Writing is my world. Come and join me in it!


Julie M. King

Freelance writer and content creator

Seasoned B2C, B2B and DTC marketing communications professional, content creator and freelance writer with 20+ years of experience in long- and short-form assets, including blogs, thought leadership, brochures, bylined articles, white papers, newsletters, advertisements, case studies, biographies, sell sheets and more. Additional expertise in digital marketing -- including SEO, social media and e-mail campaigns -- media relations, copyediting, proofreading and brand development. Specialize in fitness, wellness and health industries but also have worked for high-tech, recruitment, venture capital and franchise organizations. Diligent, enthusiastic and efficient team player with exceptional detail orientation, high standards and ability to meet all deadlines and exceed expectations. Also a passionate certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer with 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. With an M.S. in Kinesiology and a B.S. in Journalism, I am driven to communicate and inspire others about the physical, mental and life-enhancing benefits of exercise and activity.


Quia Bethea

Travel, Food and Culture Writer

Quia (pronounced kee-ah) is a freelance writer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and food. With interests in sustainability, diversity, and inclusion and a knack for culture-driven story-telling, she strives to share informative, inspirational and relatable content for travel, hospitality and lifestyle aficionados. You can view more of her work on Muck Rack:

Joan Gralla

General Assignment Reporter, Newsday

I adore breaking news, excel at finding the sources to do so and spotting holes in what's presented -- hopefully improving the outcome. It’s wonderful working with such a talented group excelling in so many areas, including video and graphics. No newcomers to SEO. My hope is my public service aims, starting with my Reuters Holocaust restitution series, will appeal to you. Researching, spotting a new angle -- and then writing as simply as possible to truly explain complex problems, from global warming to COVID-19, are some of my strong suits. Curiosity always serves me well. For Reuters, where I worked most of my career, I covered many financial markets; New York, NYC and states from Maine to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, reporting on all manner of policies, legislation and budgets. Breaking news with New York City's budgets was one strength. Covering 9/11 -- from the attack through the reconstruction -- later led me to report for Newsday about flawed safety gear provided often immigrant asbestos workers. For Reuters TV, I interviewed a few dozen governors, treasurers, mayors and the like; wrote companion stories; gave live reports. I've co-moderated Crain's Business Breakfast panels; spoken on journalism panels. A Loyola Law School public service fellowship was wonderful. Recently I was on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace at 7 minutes, 29, 36, 39, 42, for example. At Reuters, I regularly led competitors covering precious metals, debt, equities and energy -- a highlight was the UN-Iraq oil-for-food talks, a lengthy assignment. My multi-year Holocaust series began when NYC axed a Swiss bank from a bond sale. Two days later that was a front page New York Times story; that wasn't the first; I've had to match them too. Local, national, such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and global media often ran my stories outlining talks between advocates, governments, museums, rail roads, banks and insurers. I also put Reuters first with the U.S. EPA's demand NYC cleanse its water with a new plant the city said cost too much. That was a bit of a merry-go-round. A recent Newsday story about stiffer rules for wastewater plants benefited from my in-depth experience reporting on this problem. So did a story on the curtailed lives of the oysters planted in New York Harbor's restoration programs. Previous stints: Securities Week, Physicians Financial News, the Research Institute of America, The Wall Street Transcript. Thank you for considering me, Joan

Okeke-izuagwu Queendaleen Ogechukwu

Health content writer

A health writer and a certified professional nurse with years of experience in the health industry. My experience in the health sector gives me so much insight into health-related matters and helps me create valuable, engaging, and intriguing health content for my audience in a tone and language that resonates with them. I have worked with Geeky Nigeria as a volunteer writer and I'm currently working with Semichealth as a freelance writer. I am passionate about growth and development and seizes every opportunity to improve my skills. When not working, I'm seeing a movie. I'm also a nature lover and I enjoy every bit of God's creation. Below are some samples of my work