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Kirstie Ganobsik

Content Creator

Contact me at [email protected] If you're part of the emerging holistic health and wellness market, and you're seeking smart and engaging content, I'm your voice to grow your client base! MY PORTFOLIO INCLUDES WORK IN: Cannabis Industry, Telemedicine, Nutrition, Holistic Health, Clinical Health, Human Resources, Personal Development, Real Estate, Travel, and Lifestyle Branding. I have a B.A. from Ohio State Univerity and have worked for 7 years as a content creator. I'm experienced in writing and editing compelling SEO-optimized web pages, blog articles, coaching manuals, and e-books. I also have technical writing experience in the fields of human resources and health product research. MY FOCUS: My focus is on your unique selling point, trending keywords, clickable titles, compelling meta descriptions, credible sources, and health-centric content to secure more clients for your business. ADDITIONAL MARKETING-FOCUSED WRITING EXPERIENCE: During my 20-year career in customer service, I wrote resource papers for e-learning clients that provided information on various training subjects, such as real estate and Microsoft certifications. I created competency maps for the sales department and wrote standardized Live Chat responses. In addition, I created a personal development blog focused on self-care and self-growth hacks. My health content writing website, Writing a Healthy Life, launches in September 2022. Numerous companies have listed me as a preferred writer due to my attention to detail and timely submission of work, and I've already gathered testimonials during the pre-launch phase of my business. MY GOAL: My goal is to develop unique and compelling health content that inspires confidence in your business and establishes you as an authority in your field. Favorite Quote: "Happiness does not depend on outside circumstances; instead, it is a choice."

Anouska Armer

Content writer - blog posts & articles

I am a freelance content writer and Biomedical Scientist. I enjoy writing about healthcare, freelance writing and family life.

Rebecca Mathews

SEO-focused blogger and content writer

Professional content writer and SEO-focused blogger for environment and health niches.


Lindsay E. Mack


With over ten years of experience as a professional writer and editor, Lindsay enjoys helping others reach their communication goals. As a health writer for MakeUseOf, Lindsay crafts posts about the intersection of health and technology. She reviews apps, websites, and devices in pieces designed to help readers choose the best ways technology can improve their wellbeing. In her role as a columnist for St. Charles Avenue Magazine, Lindsay interviews social entrepreneurs and community leaders for her original column, Changemakers. In a previous role as a lifestyle blogger at Romper, she created over 2,000 original posts for the site, many of which included original reporting. She holds a BA in English and an MBA. Clever, empathetic writing with an eye for SEO is Lindsay’s trademark. Contact for rates and availability.

Lori Geurin

Fiverr PRO Writer. Blogger at Married to a great guy + mom to 4 awesome kids.

Adrienne Webster

Addiction Specialist, Counselor, Freelance Writer

I am a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in Bozeman, Montana. I received her B.A. in Media Arts from Montana State University and later completed my graduate studies in Addiction Counseling there as well. I work with clients individually and in group settings as a counselor and a recovery coach. I am committed to reducing the stigma that surrounds addiction and mental health conditions and I recognize the complex emotional and environmental factors that contribute to substance use disorders and behavioral addictions. To that end, I am currently finishing my Master of Public Health degree so that I can address these issues more effectively on a broader scale. I am particularly interested in an integrated approach to treatment and recovery that encompasses nutrition, education, exercise, and community involvement.


Shuan Sim

Journalist, photographer, unicyclist

I graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and Linguistics from New York University. The news holds inexhaustible interest for me, and I'm all about going all out to learn and write about the world around me. Other interests include photography, unicycling, cooking, and adding new things to this list. Here is a list of some of the pieces I have contributed to various publications over the years.

Patricia Hannah Catimpo

Freelance Writer

Working as a freelancer for more than 2 years, mostly as an article writer/re-editor for myBest Philippines, a recommendation service website for a variety of products in the health, food, cosmetics, fitness, technology, clothing, hobbies, or furniture category. Currently volunteers for the UP Fighting Maroons Club, involved in making pubs using Canva, handling social media pages, and writing articles about the varsity teams. Other experiences include proofreading, editing, and writing newsletters for Pistahan Parade and Festival 2021 and 2022, and feature stories on ABSCBN Sports and Business Mirror.


Bello Adebowale

Health content writer

My name is Adebowale Bello, a freelance health writer who studies microbiology. ➡️ What I do: I write relatable articles and blogs that possess a unique mix of 💫storytelling 💫easy to understand words 💫clarity and 💫in-depth research. ➡️ Who I write for?: I write for you if you are: 💫 A health brand (wellness, fitness, nutrition, diseases and conditions, men's health, women's health) 💫 A health professional who needs someone to help you with well thought out content that your target audience can relate with. 💫 A founder looking to startup a health related brand and need to get your content marketing strategy right. 💫 A blog owner: You need to rank on the first page of search engines, how best to do it than to get authoritative content written for your blog. ➡️ How can my articles help you?: Your readers need to know that you understand what they are going through, they need to feel that this article is talking to me personally. My articles are hyper personalized and engaging as they draw your reader in with a storytelling intro then go ahead to enlighten your reader while showcasing you as an authority in your niche. When people know you as an authority, you get more leads because they trust you and more sales because they would be willing to buy from you. All these are as a result of these well crafted articles. ➡️ When should I contact you? Your competitors are not waiting for you. If possible, they want to get the larger share of traffic and sales until there's nothing left for you and you surely can't allow that. 💫"Content is king" so they invest in content marketing which positions them perfectly If you would love to take advantage of the internet and enhance your business through health content marketing, then the best time to contact me is now. NOW, before you forget NOW , before you take that phone call. NOW , before you procrastinate. I would be more than willing to help your business grow to its peak. I know you're eager to get started as soon as possible. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Contact me >>>>[email protected] Warm regards, Adebowale.

Kevin Brown

Freelance Content Writer & Ghostwriter

Kevin Brown is a freelance mental health writer, ghostwriter, and soon-to-be author. He writes blog posts, articles, essays, and fiction. Kevin writes from his Silver Spring, MD home to support readers seeking stability and purpose. His writing has been published in The Innovation, Longevity, Unbalanced, and Psyche. While writing, Kevin drinks large amounts of coffee while focusing on the power of life's purpose. Contact Kevin if you need engaging articles.