Diana Carson-Walker

Freelance Writer

United States

Storytelling, acting, raising children and a strong science/research background make me a natural liaison for content creation, parenting, technical, adventure, environmental and instructional writing.

Growth is Always on the Other Side of Scary Experiences

Kicking bad-guy butt was on the top of my most-wanted careers. Fast-forward twenty years, and I sit in the parking lot, feeling anything but cool. I just dropped off my two children at Grandma’s, and I’m packing at least thirty extra pounds of post-partum fat.

How to Workout Smarter for Better, Safer Results

A wall of pain slams into me as I try to stand, and I drop faster than the vanquished weights. After a humiliating crawl off the gym floor (“Nothing to see here, folks…”), I am flat in bed for two weeks. It takes a month to return to running, and it is a full year before I tackle weights again.