Terin Benavente

Grad Student & Freelance Writer/Contributer

United States

My name is Terin and I am:

Dallas-based Grad Student @DBU, Freelance Writer, Parent, & Contributor for Phoebemd.com, publications "Family Matters", and "Change your Mind, Change your Life" @medium.com

A creative, outside-of-the-box thinker

A voracious reader and writer

My extensive background in Public Relations has not only sharpened my communication skills and business acumen but has also fueled my passion for reading and writing which has ultimately brought me here. 2020 was a tough year, am I right?

My blog was created as an outlet to showcase how I navigate life through quarantine, allowing readers to resonate with the same struggles we all face; seek a healthy work/life balance, stay sane as many aspire to change directions within a career, and work to raise a family (whilst finishing college degrees to make BIG dreams become a reality.)

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable education through both college courses and professional experience in:

-English Composition
-Principles of Marketing
-Public Policy

Recently, I have decided to move in a different direction and pursue my lifelong passion of working in Journalism, preferably in Publishing.


-Blogging: Lifestyle, Parenting, Health/Wellness


Quality Content

Below are selected examples from my blog(s) that I hope you enjoy.


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Quarantine Restlessness

I had a deep, meaningful conversation with my husband about a month ago when we spent another Saturday evening at home simply just trying to BREATHE. Granted, we were outside by the fire and spending quality time alone self-reflecting. I have found that this has been a lovely tradition since quarantine began.

The Path of Least Resistance

There was a time in my life when I thought I knew it all. I am sure we all feel this way at one point in our lives, right? For me, it wasn't until the pandemic began that life took on a whole new...

An Outsider's Perspective

The Delicate Journey from Parent to Grandparent & Everything in Between This morning I awoke to a heated phone conversation between my husband of 15 years and my mother-in-law. During this conversation, I overheard bits of pieces about my sister-in-law and how she parents her own five sons.

Yes, You Are More Than Just a Mom- No, You Shouldn't Feel Guilty.

Not long ago, I had a critical and honest conversation with my mother. During this conversation, she mentioned several times how now, at the age of 61, she feels she missed out on certain parts of her life. As the eldest daughter, I not only must listen with an open heart but truly understand her as a friend and confidante.

Little Fish in a Big Pond

When I hear these words, I honestly can't help but smile. I feel that all of us at one point in our lives have felt this way; like a little fish in a big pond. Am I right? Whether it is starting a...

PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry
Why Do We Judge What We Do Not Understand? | PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

By Terin Marlae Benavente | Featured Contributor As most of you know, Christmas this year looked a little different for everyone. My husband and I decided to take our children to visit their grandparents who live nearly an hour away for a short visit. Prepped with double masks and [...]

In Due Time

Last night, my husband and I snuck outside for a brief yet quiet moment of solitude. Oh, how we long for the days where our conversations were not rushed and now, even demanded at times. We love our children dearly but until the pandemic hit, never knew how much we cherish our alone time.

Getting it Right..or Wrong

Over the past few months I have had more down time to think about my life and what I really want out of it. In hindsight, everything that I have ever wanted truly was because I was living in the pr...

Getting it Right..or Wrong
Quarantine Restlessness

My thoughts have been drifting mindlessly this week (which is why I haven't written in a few days.) Most days I feel good and strong. The next, I feel fear, anxiety, sadness, and helplessness. I try to steer clear of the media and radio but no matter where I look the impenetrable, overwhelming sadness is...

Getting it Right..or Wrong
Tales of An Exhausted Mama

As I write this, I am pretty sure I am (somewhat) present with a rather LARGE cup of coffee today. With just 1 hour of sleep, I tend to rethink myself quite often throughout the day. As life would ...