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Welcome to my writing portfolio

My name is Joshua. And I will like you to see how grateful one my clients was:

"We've hired more than 22 copywriters to complete 100's of hours of work. Joshua was #1 writer in terms of quality, his copy is engaging, fun to read, compelling and most importantly sells the hell out of the product".

That was the review of a client that hired me to write a compelling promotional email on a weight loss product, named Reactivate Plus.

With more writers to choose from, I'm sure you have a very important decision to make every day.

Should you hire me?

For the past five years, I have provided the high-converting copy for successful businesses, savvy start-ups, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs.

My passion is helping brands go big, have unique messages communicated clearly, and businesses grow and become stable.

I possess the essential quality that most copywriters don't.


Knowing the mechanics of copywriting isn't enough.

Without empathy, it is impossible to get people on a deep level, engage honestly, gain trust and write compelling copy that makes the prospect think you must be a psychic to understand them so well.

This allows me to see and handle clients projects as if it's mine, having the clients' customers at heart. And to able to answer the "so what" question about the clients' product

So, I can speak in a unique tone to each target audience, accurately understand their pain, and persuade them through compelling copy that your product or service will solve all their problems, even the problems they never know they have.

And prompt them into taking action.

My copywriting services include,

Sales letter
Landing page
Website pages
Email copy
E-commerce product description
Ads copy
SEO writer
And more

We both know the talk is cheap.

Hire me today and find out how my copy can help you attract, convert and retain more loyal customers.

Contact my hot mail: [email protected]