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Freelance Health and Nutrition Writer - Dietitian Nutritionist


If you are looking for someone with a thorough knowledge of food, nutrition, and wellness, you have found the right person.

I offer you professionalism, fast delivery, and quality content.

I'm a dietitian nutritionist and chef from Argentina, that's passionate about everything related to food, nutrition, and cooking.

I am a committed freelance writer who creates unique and compelling science-based content on health, wellness, science, and nutrition topics, for the everyday reader as well as for an academic or scientific audience.

What I do: Blog posts, Web content, Ghostwriting, Recipe development.

My educational background in Argentina includes a Bachelor's degree in Human Dietetics and Nutrition, a Postgraduate course in Nutrition, Gastronomy, and Health, a Middle-level Technician degree in Food Science, and a Culinary Diploma.

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Whether it's before or after surgery, and regardless of how well-intentioned you are about your weight loss goals, there may be certain habits holding you back that you don't even realize. Here are 13 habits nutrition professionals blame for sabotaging weight loss.

Why honey can be a healthy choice?

Honey is the food that bees make for themselves, however, many people also enjoy it, and, nowadays, it has become one of the world's most prized and appreciated natural food since ancient times.

What's propolis and is it healthy

As the bees produce honey, part of their saliva is mixed with bees wax and various plant components, creating a resinous and waxy substance that they use to seal the hive to give it structural stability but also to prevent intruders from entering.

All about royal jelly

Royal jelly is produced by worker bees to feed the queen bee and her offspring. It's a jelly-like substance (hence the name) and its composition varies according to the area, climate, and type of flowers that the bees pollinate; is made mostly of water, with an average protein content of 18%, 15% carbohydrates, 3.5% fat and 1.5% vitamins and minerals.

Is honey good for our skin?

Honey, we all know it, and probably we all love it for its sweet taste. Bees produce honey from the pollen they collect from flowers through a complex mechanism involving enzyme activity.

Fitness Volt
Should You Dry Scoop Creatine? - Benefits, Risks, & Effectiveness

is a naturally occurring substance that's present in such as meat and fish. It is also found in our body in muscle tissue and the brain. is also one of the most researched sports supplements that can help an individual in building strength, muscle mass, and athletic performance .