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Seasoned B2C, B2B and DTC marketing communications professional, content creator and freelance writer with 20+ years of experience in long- and short-form assets, including blogs, thought leadership, brochures, bylined articles, white papers, newsletters, advertisements, case studies, biographies, sell sheets and more.

Additional expertise in digital marketing -- including SEO, social media and e-mail campaigns -- media relations, copyediting, proofreading and brand development.

Specialize in fitness, wellness and health industries but also have worked for high-tech, recruitment, venture capital and franchise organizations. Diligent, enthusiastic and efficient team player with exceptional detail orientation, high standards and ability to meet all deadlines and exceed expectations.

Also a passionate certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer with 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. With an M.S. in Kinesiology and a B.S. in Journalism, I am driven to communicate and inspire others about the physical, mental and life-enhancing benefits of exercise and activity.



Journal on Active Aging
Peter Thompson: Transforming a bold vision into an impactful reality

Founded in 1960, the Senior Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a self-supporting, nonprofit community center where older adults establish connections, challenge themselves to grow and contribute to the local area. To continue accomplishing this life-changing work for a growing older adult population, this small, institutional building was replaced in April 2020 by The Center at Belvedere, a 47,000-square-foot modern facility on six acres that is recognized as a model of innovation based...

Club Business International
Reaping the Rewards of Recovery

Originating in athletic performance, recovery has found a receptive audience today in a maxed-out, stressed-out population that’s eager to explore new ways to feel better. As interest in wellness has boomed since the pandemic, health clubs are well-positioned to benefit their members and their business with this self-care method.

Club Business International
Making Mental Wellness A Core Service

Mental health is increasingly important and prominent. How can the fitness industry help people with both their physical and mental health? As it turns out, health clubs can play a valuable role.

Club Business International
Why HIIT Studios are Red Hot

With COVID-19 largely in the rearview mirror, fitness studios today are flourishing. It’s quite a welcome turnaround. Just last year, IHRSA reported that approximately 30 percent of studios in the U.S. closed permanently in 2021 due to the crushing impact of the pandemic.

Journal on Active Aging
Dr. Kenneth Cooper Promotes Living Better Longer

How this fitness industry pioneer and the "Father of Aerobics" has changed lives, built a thriving business and keeps going at age 90. Not only are his ever-accumulating accomplishments and expertise credible evidence of his message, but his active lifestyle serves as living proof and a compelling role model for older adults.

Club Business International
Talent Squeeze

As the Great Resignation lingers, and the demand for group X and small group training grows, some club operators are struggling to find and retain enough qualified instructors and personal trainers to fill their schedules.

Club Business International
How to Put the Fun in Functional Training

For functional training, simply swinging kettlebells, shaking battle ropes, or pushing sleds isn’t enough anymore. The traditional “no-pain, no-gain” mentality – where workouts are perceived as necessary evils – is being edged out by a growing desire for enjoyable experiences that serve as rewards rather than strictly obligations.

Journal on Active Aging
Lynne Katzmann: leading the way in senior living wellness

Inspired by her grandmother and driven by a professional goal to make the world a better place—one where we can “live fully throughout all seasons of life”—Lynne Katzmann, PhD, has spent 35 years innovating and expanding the senior living company she founded in 1988, at age 32.

Club Business International
Is Cardio Still King?

With all the demand for and attention on strength training, cardio floors at health clubs may seem a little lonely lately. The era when people flocked to cardio machines for long, heart-pounding sweat sessions may indeed be gone.

Club Business International
5 Ways to Meet the Growing Demand for Strength Training

Move over, cardio. Strength training is making gains and providing a big lift for gyms. Weight rooms at clubs worldwide are packed with increasingly diverse populations, including Gen Z and Millennials, seniors, youth, and women.

Club Business International
How to Become Essential to Your Community

Along with the challenges the pandemic caused for health clubs, it also created opportunities that can strengthen the fitness industry going forward. With today’s greater emphasis on wellness and fitness, clubs have a ripe environment to reach the other 80 percent through intentional efforts to combat “gymtimidation.”

Club Business International
Mud, Sweat, and Cheers

With greater demand for ultra-intense workouts, obstacle course races, such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and Warrior Dash, are driving Herculean sweat sessions at health clubs.

Journal on Active Aging
Furnishing Fitness Facilities for Actively Aging Adults

The active-aging industry is looking ahead across North America and beyond. What do age 50+ customers want today? And which products, services and amenities will appeal to the specific clientele your organization serves?

Product/Company Feature Articles

National Fitness Trade Journal
Premium Glute Thruster Delivers Great Gains

While the “mirror muscles” in the front of the body have traditionally commanded attention in the weight room, social media’s plethora of selfies, along with fitness influencers and icons spotlighting their workouts, have pushed powerful posteriors to front and center.

National Fitness Trade Journal
Torque TANK Series Helps Gyms Thrive Post Pandemic

As health clubs and studios continue to recover from the challenges of the pandemic, it’s critical to find ways to attract new members, bring back former ones and boost retention. Due to their versatility and simplicity, sleds are a valuable tool for developing new programming and providing training options for a diverse population of users.

National Fitness Trade Journal
Cascade Health & Fitness Expands Workout Options with Raptor

To equip health clubs and studios – as well as home exercisers – to capitalize on all of these popular trends, Cascade Health & Fitness recently launched the Cascade Raptor Functional Trainer, an innovative product that delivers extra variety, motivation and results.

Club Solutions
Win-Win: Barre Meets Low-Impact Cardio

Health club operators and managers witness the immense popularity of group ex classes year after year, which helps attract and retain members. With new formats, additional accessories and seemingly endless innovation, these mass sweat sessions continue to draw raving fans who value the variety, instruction and camaraderie.


Advantages of Vertical Training

When you consider the many ways to exercise today, the majority of them are horizontal. Walking, running, cycling, rowing, elliptical training, swimming and more all require the body to move forward (or backward) horizontally. Much less common is vertical training, or moving the body up and down, which includes climbing on a VersaClimber, rock-climbing wall, rope climbing or stair climbing.

How yoga helps with Tennis Elbow - Fiix Body

Performing yoga for tennis elbow is a way to loosen tight muscles, as well as strengthen the muscles that support the affected tendon. Yoga incorporates stretching and strengthening, and offers tennis elbow sufferers benefits that may ultimately eliminate the need for other treatments.

Gympass | Blog
Increasing Member Loyalty and Growth - Gympass | Blog

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the fitness industry globally. Forced shutdowns - for months in many regions - have left gyms and studios coping with membership cancellations and freezes, limited engagement, and a widespread transition to at-home exercise routines.

Octane Fitness - Commercial
Increasing Your Workout Motivation | Commercial Fitness | Octane Fitness

Motivation to work out has always been a struggle for many people, but throw in a global pandemic, and even the most dedicated exercisers can be challenged to maintain their routines. When gyms closed around the world, health club members quickly had to find new ways to get their sweat on from home - whether they had any equipment or not.

Gympass | Blog
Successfully Reopening Your Business - Gympass | Blog

Gyms worldwide are facing never-before-experienced realities due to COVID-19 - enduring shutdowns, navigating new reopening procedures, and managing multiple operational changes. "Business as usual" no longer exists. Although individual geographic regions and different types of gyms and studios are dealing with varying circumstances, these recommendations can help guide the process of successfully reopening your business.

White Papers

Torque Fitness
How the Torque TANK™ Supports Knee Health

Faced with lockdowns and mounting boredom during the pandemic, many people took up recreational walking. Research from Polar, Inc. indicates that walking among all ages in the U.S.

Research Shows VersaClimber Beats Treadmill Running and Rowing

Measuring maximum oxygen consumption during exercise is considered the gold standard indicator of cardiovascular fitness level. The greater the volume of oxygen (VO2) used, the stronger the cardiorespiratory system. VO2 max (for maximum) is the

What 1 year of Covid-19 has taught us about stress and adaptability

The emergent silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic is that a more pronounced emphasis on both physical and mental health will ideally give rise to a population that is stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with inevitable future stressors.

Infinite Peripherals/IPC Mobile
Four Distinct Areas of ROI of Mobile POS at Retail

Mobility is playing an increasingly prevalent role at retail, as merchants adapt to today’s technology-savvy customers and pursue an omni-channel approach. In-store, mobile POS (mPOS) adds significant value via convenient and expedited operational and sales capabilities.

Octane Fitness
The Deleterious Effects of Chronic Impact from Running

With recreational running at an all-time high in the United States, more people are regularly exercising and improving their fitness levels. The number of U.S. race finishers has increased nearly 600 percent since 1990, and the total number of annual U.S. running events has reached a record 28,200.

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Spirit In Sport
Spirit In Sport

Fueled by a passionate commitment to excellence and exceptional service, I founded Spirit in Sport II, Inc., to enhance lives. People rely on me to help resolve musculoskeletal pain issues, prevent pain, and simply feel better.

MatchRight 7-Step Decision-Making Program

Congratulations on your interest in a thoughtful, methodical decision-making process regarding starting your own business. This is one of the most important decisions you can make, because it significantly impacts your daily life, your family and friends, your finances and your future.


Midtown Athletic Club Relies on FITBENCH for New ARENA Studio Training Midtown Athletic Club (MAC) deliberately identifies opportunities in the midst of obstacles. This forward-thinking mindset has guided this family-owned, upscale tennis and fitness club company for 50 years of growth and success. Most recently, in th

MatchRight e-book
7 Steps to Matching You with the Right Business

One of the most important – and most complex – decisions you’ll make is matching yourself to the right business. Because this choice impacts not only your life, but also your family’s – including your spouse, partner and children – it is vitally important to make a commitment to get it right the first time.

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We fuel athletic dreams through innovations, safety, performance and sustainability from the ground up.

Octane Fitness
HIIT Trifected

The Octane Fitness Trifecta -- the Octane RO, AirdyneX and Max Trainer -- transform HIIT workouts.

Octane Fitness
Zero-Impact Running

Finally, a way to run better -- without the pain. Welcome to the Zero Runner.

International Council on Active Aging
The ICAA 100

Join ICAA as we continue to transform senior living through the person-first wellness model.

Franchise REAL Estate Insider
2023 Media Kit

This niche approach, in an 8-page, professionally designed, printed publication, delivers practical insights from experts at FGP Commercial Leasing.

News Releases

PLAE Expands With Innovation Factory And Custom-Built Racks

PLAE announced it has invested more than $10 million in a 90,000-square-foot factory to custom-build a new line of strength training racks. The new PLAE ICONx racks it said "complement the brand's athletic flooring systems and global education and coaching platform."

Athletic Business
Torque Fitness® Launches Compact, Portable and Affordable TANK™ M1

After years of feedback on its incredibly popular family of TANK™ All Surface Sleds (M2, M4 and MX), Torque Fitness has introduced the TANK M1 Push Sled for commercial and home use. It is equipped with the same challenging technology that TANK users love,