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Loren Kessell

Creative Content Associate

I am currently a social media and creative content associate for a trade association.



As far back as I can remember, writing has always been a passion of mine. Whether I was picking up a pen and plotting short stories, or creating the front cover of my own magazines I've always had a passion for reading and writing and now, I'm making a career out of it. All the work provided has been written by myself and some images may be copyrighted, so please ask for permission if you would like to use any for any reason :-) If you'd like to contact, feel free to do so at [email protected] This feels like a really long Grammy speech, but without further ado... enjoy!

United Kingdom

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Caroline Wiita

Copywriter, Content Strategist, & Creative Marketer

Hi there! I'm Caroline! Currently, I work as the Content Manager for the Catholic Health Association. While in this role, my work has been more technical. Clips for this are coming soon. Before that, I was the Content Marketing Director at Great Parks of Hamilton County, where I managed and produced engaging, timely content for Great Parks' channels including blog, newsletters, social media, ads, website, and more. I maintained brand voice and style across platforms. I managed social media accounts until March 2023. If you'd like to see more of how I curated content, the Great Parks social media accounts and blog are linked below. During my tenure at Great Parks, I also led growth and engagement initiatives across social media platforms, blog pageviews, and email marketing. Formerly: Contributing Writer for Cincy Magazine and NKY Magazine; Community Leader at Athleta; Content Publisher and Social Media Specialist, AI Software, Inc.

Catharine Lewis

Freelance Writer

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a strong background in communications, marketing and professional writing.

Olga Gerloff

Freelance Writer, Journalist, Copywriter, Public Relations Specialist

I'm a qualified print and online reporter and public relations professional with more than five years of experience in news, features and press release writing. I'm currently working as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for The Arthritis Society in Toronto, Canada. I have written about local government, higher education, crime, healthcare, sport, entertainment and popular culture for a variety of newspapers, magazines and companies, including website copy and editorial content.

Phoebe Clarke

Music Writer & Video Editor

Music Writer, Saxophonist/Pianist & Composer/Arranger, studying towards a MusB at Manchester Uni. I am the current PR intern at Hospital Records & Music Editor at The Mancunion Newspaper.

United Kingdom

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Ana Aranda Menéndez

Mi vocación para la comunicación y para la actividad internacional son la base de mi formación y mi actividad laboral. Soy una profesional con una actitud proactiva, capacidades resolutivas y siempre dispuesta a aprender

Lavrenty Repin

Creative Writer

I am a versatile writer with experience in a wide range of print media genres. I have held varying positions including investigative journalist, community reporter, entertainment journalist, music critic (column), creative writer and tourism and travel writer. My field of interests is wide and includes social, cultural and other human interest issues, colonial history and post-colonial reality, ancient history and indigenous people's knowledge. Furthermore, I spend time studying nature, wildlife and exploring new and off-the-beaten-track places with focus on animal and environmental rights. Below you will find just a few examples of my work; roughly ordered by date. Working full-time for Namib Independent newspaper and part-time for numerous publications I have written approximately 400 published articles, of which approximately 40 have appeared as front-page/leading news. My fiction has been published in USA, India and Sri Lanka. For more information please don't hesitate to mail me. Thank you for stopping by! Email: [email protected] Website: blagaj.weebly.com

Erin Kim

Digital Journalist, Social Media Strategist

New York City-based entertainment and style writer and social media savvy visionary specializing in fashion.


Public Relations/Digital Media Specialist

A writer, dreamer and activist. Passionate about technology, education, new media, communications and travel. An inquisitive, voracious learner with an eclectic variety of interests. Specialties: Communication Public Relations Community Building Social Media Management Digital Media Communications Journalism Writing for Digital Media Freelance Writing Photography Editing Content Management

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