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Saahil Trevor Malik

Sports Reporter

Saahil Malik is a radio and print journalist, who has a background in social media. He graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and is currently working on obtaining his Master’s in Communication from West Virginia University. Most recently he has worked for Westside Voice Los Angeles as a local West Los Angeles sports reporter and at Facebook as a content curator. Malik is a first-generation Indian-American who has seen the power of connecting in communities through sports, and emphatically believes in their power to bring people together for the greater good. A staunch advocate for the necessity and importance of local journalism, Malik is looking forward to serving the West Los Angeles community. His community.

Emily Jordan

Freelance Student Journalist

Hello! I am a freelance journalist based in Bristol. I have a passion in telling the stories of those traditionally left behind in the mainstream media, a skill honed through my time as the Equality Officer of That's What She Said - an award-winning intersectional feminist magazine. Currently representing the South West as a Regional Officer for the Student Publication Association, I'm looking to push the boundaries of storytelling and gain real-world experience in the newsroom.