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Kaye Stephens

Writer/Content Creator

Kaye (also known as Bee) Stephens is a professional freelance writer with a passion for crafting compelling narratives and engaging content. With a diverse background in ttrpgs, marketing, and creative writing, they bring a blend of creativity and professionalism to every project. Email: [email protected]


Anna Giles

Senior Copywriter, Content Strategist, Producer

Ugh, this is the hard part, isn't it? How do you encapsulate 15+ years of writing experience and 10+ years of marketing experience into a couple of paragraphs for a portfolio website? How do you talk about being published in well-known publications like Romper and Time Out New York? How do you explain that you've interviewed everyone from drag queens to C-Suite executives? Do you write about the millions of eyeballs that have been on your content, how you've [technically] gone viral on TikTok, and how you were once called "the voice of Bravo" when you worked for NBC? I mean...ya could. Like I just did.


Nia Howe-Smith

Writer & Producer

Nia is a writer/producer, pop culture obsessive, and native New Yorker. She is currently an Associate Producer at NBCUniversal. Nia has never met a pastrami sandwich she didn't like.

Fidel Tan


Fidel is a writer with a keen interest in music and cinema. He spends his free time scouring the internet for intriguing pop culture stories and listening to his cherished 2000s music playlist. He finds solace in writing and shares his musings at fidback.medium.com.


Marc Tio

US foreign correspondent based in New York City

I have built a strong career working, as a journalist, for important news outlets in Barcelona, and, in 2009, I moved to New York City where I currently write about films, current events and travel for Condé Nast Traveler Spain, National Geographic's Viajes, Hearst's Fotogramas, and RAC1.