Anna Giles

Senior Copywriter, Content Strategist, Producer

United States

Ugh, this is the hard part, isn't it? How do you encapsulate 15+ years of writing experience and 10+ years of marketing experience into a couple of paragraphs for a portfolio website? How do you talk about being published in well-known publications like Romper and Time Out New York? How do you explain that you've interviewed everyone from drag queens to C-Suite executives? Do you write about the millions of eyeballs that have been on your content, how you've [technically] gone viral on TikTok, and how you were once called "the voice of Bravo" when you worked for NBC? I mean...ya could. Like I just did.

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We Still Aren't Ready To Accept Bisexual Moms - Here's Why

All my mom friends live in other cities. In fact, I met most of them on the internet. Some of them are LGBTQ, and some of them, when they've found out I was bi, have asked if being married to a man feels like I've "lost a limb." All of my close...