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Shaun Harris

Beauty/Fashion PR | Digital Strategy

My editorial career is naturally pivoting into branding & marketing verticals, with an emphasis on content optimization. I am actively applying to positions in media relations & digital marketing.


Harry Stewart

Freelance Content Writer

G’day, And welcome to my portfolio. My name’s Harry, and I’m an Australian freelance copywriter with four years of experience in the travel/culture niche. My previous clients include big-name digital brands like Culture Trip, FluentU, and, to name a few. As a seasoned travel writer, I craft engaging content to enhance brand awareness and convert leads into sales, covering everything from luxury hotels to adventure blogs and RV accessories. Having been to 71 countries and counting, I can write with authority on most major global destinations. Pre-COVID, I was hopping between Asian hotspots as a laptop-wielding “digital nomad.” These days, I’m cruising around Australia in a Ford Transit motorhome to ride out the pandemic. I don’t only cover travel—I’ve been known to moonlight as a generalist content creator, too. Don’t be surprised to see me pumping out B2B blogs on topics ranging from home improvement to tech. As a freelancer by trade, I pride myself on delivering top-quality content in a timely fashion to exceed client expectations. I always incorporate the latest On-Page SEO techniques to give your business the best possible chance of achieving that coveted front page ranking. Feel free to drop me a line through the e-mail icon below. I look forward to discussing how I can enhance your brand's content marketing strategy.


Kirstie Ganobsik

Content Creator

Contact me at [email protected] If you're part of the emerging holistic health and wellness market, and you're seeking smart and engaging content, I'm your voice to grow your client base! I have a B.A. from Ohio State Univerity and have worked for 7 years as a content creator. I'm experienced in writing and editing compelling SEO-optimized web pages, blog articles, coaching manuals, human resource documents, and e-books. During my 20 year career in customer service, I also wrote resource papers for e-learning clients that provided information on various training subjects, such as real estate and Microsoft certifications. I created competency maps for the sales department and wrote standardized Live Chat responses. In addition, I created a personal development blog focused on self-care and self-growth hacks, and am preparing to launch my health and wellness content creation website, Writing a Healthy Life. Numerous companies have listed me as a preferred writer due to my attention to detail and timely submission of work. My goal is to make you the next on that list! Favorite Quote: "Happiness does not depend on outside circumstances; instead, it is a choice."

Sierra Martin

Writer, Editor, and Analyst

Freelance writer and editor regarding chronic health and mental illness issues from a personal perspective. All while continuing to study, research, and write about Russian history, policies, and how US foreign policy interacts. I personally studied Russian relations and US foreign policy at Texas A&M University and continued these studies in Washington DC before coming back to Texas.


Sergio Ferrer


Science and technology journalist with a background in microbiology.

Ally Head

Freelance Journalist

As a freelance journalist with over five years experience, I write news, topical features and SEO-focused long-form pieces weekly for the likes of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Grazia, Good Housekeeping, and more. Not just that, but I advise on social strategy, pitch commissions, and write commercial content, too. Acting as WH's social media editor in October, I grew the Tiktok following to near 5,000, and had two of the best performing pieces across Marie Claire's 2020 Prime Day and Black Friday offerings. Prior to that, I oversaw digital strategy at Foodism and was the junior digital writer at Women's Health magazines. As well as writing, I freelance as an assistant food stylist for celebrity chefs such as James Martin, Mary Berry and Rachel Allen, and work on shoots across food, fitness and lifestyle. Just this year, I worked with Refinery 29 on a yet to be released video campaign. My career highlights include winning Rude Health’s porridge championships two years in a row with my inventive oat risottos and running the London marathon twice for team Women's Health. Ultra marathon - pending. With a wealth of digital and journalistic experience, I am available for freelance health, food and fitness commissions and SEO-focused articles.

Muhaimin Zulkarnain

UX Writer & Content Creator

Tech, finance, and other nonsense! :) (Clipping documents will be downloaded before you can read them, so please click on the articles below to read my work one by one)

A. Rahman Ford

Legal/Academic Researcher, Writer and Editor

I am an academic, legal and policy research professional with extensive leadership and organizational experience. I earned my J.D. from the Howard University School of Law, and my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2016, I published my first book of poetry, entitled "Life as a Sclerian: Poetry on Politics and Periphereality." My professional accomplishments include employment at two of the country’s most prestigious law firms, as well as employment with federal agencies and highly respected research institutes. While in law school, I served as Editor in Chief of the Howard Law Journal. My research interests include race/ethnic studies, disability studies, democracy and civil rights, stem cell therapy and overall health and wellness.

United States of America

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Taylor Engle

Freelance Writer/Editor/PR Consultant

Freelance writer/editor/PR consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. I have eight years of professional experience writing about a variety of topics for various companies, blogs, brands and publications. Let me write for you.

Candice Rooney

Content Producer, Multimedia Journalist, Blogger