Ally Head

Freelance Journalist

United Kingdom

As a freelance journalist with over five years experience, I write news, topical features and SEO-focused long-form pieces weekly for the likes of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Grazia, Good Housekeeping, and more. Not just that, but I advise on social strategy, pitch commissions, and write commercial content, too. Acting as WH's social media editor in October, I grew the Tiktok following to near 5,000, and had two of the best performing pieces across Marie Claire's 2020 Prime Day and Black Friday offerings.

Prior to that, I oversaw digital strategy at Foodism and was the junior digital writer at Women's Health magazines.

As well as writing, I freelance as an assistant food stylist for celebrity chefs such as James Martin, Mary Berry and Rachel Allen, and work on shoots across food, fitness and lifestyle. Just this year, I worked with Refinery 29 on a yet to be released video campaign.

My career highlights include winning Rude Health’s porridge championships two years in a row with my inventive oat risottos and running the London marathon twice for team Women's Health. Ultra marathon - pending.

With a wealth of digital and journalistic experience, I am available for freelance health, food and fitness commissions and SEO-focused articles.



Women's Health UK
Your A-Z Nutrition Dictionary

‘I’ll just google it later,’ you think, as someone in your running club waxes lyrical about the differing amount of antioxidants in raspberries and blackberries, and the amino acid profile of their chosen protein powder. Let Ally Head save you the trouble. Consider this your cheat sheet to the most oft-referenced nutrition terms, if for no other reason than to ensure you sound in the know.

My Career in 5 Dishes: Lina Stores' Masha Rener

As head chef of London’s iconic deli and restaurant Lina Stores, Masha Rener uses world-class Italian ingredients in dishes of unparalleled quality. On the eve of a new opening in King’s Cross, Ally Head takes in the dishes that have de ned her career, from Umbria to Soho

Women's Health UK
Fridge Raiders: What the Experts Eat

What you'll find here is four women, all of whom are recognised as leaders within the health and nutrition world, opening up the doors of their fridges to reveal a snapshot of their own approach to eating. From the food psychologist with a half-eaten Snickers in her fridge to the GP who loves Lidl, they’ve given Ally Head an access-all-areas pass (oh, fine, they only let her into the kitchen) to their culinary habits. Tuck in


Women's Health UK
I Learnt To Deadlift Twice My Body Weight In 8 Weeks. Here’s How

Strength training for beginners can be daunting, to say the least—especially when terms like ‘deadlift’ are thrown around and you’re not entirely sure what they mean. That’s how WH junior digital writer Ally Head felt when she took up strength training with a boutique London gym. Keep reading to hear how her eight weeks of strength training panned out.

Could Your Menstrual Cup Be Causing Organ Prolapse?

Menstrual cups have soared in popularity in recent years, hailed as a more eco-friendly way to tackle your period. If you're unfamiliar with them, they're silicone cups that fit into your vagina and collect your period blood, creating far less waste than tampons thanks to their ten year life span.

Good Housekeeping
12 ways to stay fit and healthy while you're self-isolating

As it stands, the most recent Covid-19 update encourages self-isolation of anyone with symptoms or anyone living with someone experiencing symptoms, for at least fourteen days, plus advises many of us to " socially distance" with measures like working from home.


Marie Claire
The Mediterranean diet: a guide to recipes, shopping list and more

Read up on what it is and how to try it at home, plus the health benefits it promises No, not another exotic-sounding fad diet. As the name indicates, following the 'Mediterranean diet' means eating a diet rich in whole foods, mirroring the eating patterns of those living on the sunnier shores of the Med sea.

Women's Health
17 High Protein Breakfasts to Kickstart Your Day

Protein is officially having a moment and one of the best ways to kickstart your day is with a high-protein breakfast. The essential macronutrient has been hailed for maintaining hunger, building muscle and curbing cravings, which are issues a lot of us dealing with on the daily since we're spending so much time at home within close proximity to our kitchens and far away from our gym.