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Noah Dolinajec

Freelance Journalist, Writer, Blogger and Editor

Noah Dolinajec is a freelance journalist, writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Noah's passion for writing is predicated on the region's diverse collection of writers and artists. As a writer, Noah has been publishing work for over four years and has experience working with both print and online publications. There is no one subject that drives Noah's love for telling the stories of the world, rather it is all subjects that make up Noah's expertise. Noah has strong experience with both long-form and short-form writing. As well as Listicles and 'Best of' articles. In his time writing and studying at Portland State University, Noah developed strong skills for research and development of story ideas - both fiction and non-fiction. Versatility is what he prides himself on as a writer. Currently you will find Noah's work with The Hockey Writers, Along the Boards, Spectrums Magazine, Play Too Much, Frugal Portland, NewsCastic, Reverb Press, TravelVersed and more. "I strive to tell the stories that deserve to be told, that need to be told and that want to be told. The world is just too interesting to not be involved in helping to connect people and information." ~ Noah Dolinajec

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Laura J. Keller


Laura J. Keller is a New York-based journalist for Bloomberg News who appears as a television guest, fill-in anchor and conference moderator. She's a reporter on the Finance beat at Bloomberg, where she covers some of the biggest investment banks in the United States. She joined the banking team after writing for several years about distressed companies on bankruptcy's brink and the hedge-fund managers who fought over them. Laura earned a master's degree in 2012 in the broadcast journalism concentration from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she also studied credit derivatives at Columbia Law School. She received her class's graduation prize for business journalism reporting. She holds a dual bachelor's degree in economics and print journalism from the University of Southern California. In Los Angeles, she also studied accounting and statistics.

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Victoria Tran

Multimedia Journalist and Writer

Passionate, ambitious, and open-minded - let's start something together. For me, writing is a way to connect and engage with an audience. There's no better time to write than in the era of online sharing. There's also no better time than now to share a great cat photo, but that's besides the point. Don't be shy. Contact me at [email protected] or send a carrier pigeon my way anytime!

Lesa M. Spivey

Public Affairs & Communications Strategist

Lesa Spivey is a highly organized, forward thinking and creative public affairs and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience working with diverse organizations. She has the skills and expertise to develop and implement strategic solutions throughout all stages; concept formulation, research and development, senior strategic counsel, execution, and evaluation. Below are a few samples of her work for your consideration.

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Sadie Jo Smokey-Crews

Proposal Specialist

An enrolled member of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, and proud Nevada native, Sadie Jo was a reporter at Arizona's largest daily newspaper for 10 years before switching careers. She currently manages, develops, and organizes the production of winning proposals, tailored marketing materials, resumes, and collateral pieces across multiple service lines for a global professional services firm.

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Merissa Hatch

Freelance Writer For Children and Families

Merissa was just seven years old when she decided to pursue her dream of being a children's writer. Over time, that dream has expanded to pursuing three niches in writing: children's stories for middle grade, blogs and magazines for families and parents. She loves crafts (all mediums), learning, working with kids and families, creating videos, writing and searching for new ways to see the world. Merissa has been a nanny/ babysitter for more than 11 years for more than a dozen families. She has worked with parents to help organize their family life and get every member the things they want in their day. She has written on the Moms Magazine Blog, Hub Pages and her own personal website. In December 2012, she was published in a book of anthologies entitled "Trust Us; You're Not the Worst Parent In the World." In February, 2013, she also released her debut children's book "Kindergarten Mishaps." In the future, Merissa plans to continue to work toward her goal of writing in magazines and on blogs for children and their families.

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Patty N. Johnson

Writer | Editor | Content Marketer

Long-form articles, blog posts, educational guides, infographics, whitepapers, video scripts, webinar presentations, web ads, text ads, landing pages, email marketing and more.

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Kelly Skarritt-Williams

Freelance Copywriter and Editor

I am a writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience working in journalism, public relations, marketing and communications. I've written for such industries as health care, workforce communications, B2B print and marketing, higher education and business. I've managed social media channels for B2B, higher education and nonprofit organizations. Through concise, compelling copy, I deliver content that drives the reader to take action. I am a strategic thinker who regularly considers the wide-ranging impact a message could have on a variety of audiences and delivery systems. I also apply a healthy dose of creativity to each project I tackle to achieve a piece that not only informs, but also entertains. Contact me at [email protected] for rates and availability.


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Ellen Vessels

Staff Writer, The American Genius & The Real Daily

I'm a multi-talented writer specializing in business and real estate news, with a special focus on social justice. I also write about organic farming, gardening, the outdoors, and the environment, and have done pro bono writing and editing for several nonprofits. My goal is to provide high-quality, accurate, and engaging writing. I pride myself in being cooperative, positive, and always punctual with deadlines. Said my editor, Lani Rosales, "Ellen is one of our most talented writers, flawlessly connecting with our audience. Her writing is always exactly what we're looking for, is without error, consistently engages the reader, and stands out. She is truly one of the best Staff Writers we've ever had on the team, and her gift transcends topic - she is a rare jewel." I am also a freelance copy editor and proofreader. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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