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The Affordable Care Act - ACA Tax Penalty

Taxes have always been complicated and over the last few years things have not become any easier thats for sure. The Affordable Care Act, which officially became law a few years ago, has had some positive effects such as making healthcare insurance coverage more affordable for people with pre-existing conditions.

Bridgetown Home Buyers, LLC
Realizing You Don't Want to Be a Landlord

Buying rental property and deciding to become a landlord can be a very profitable venture over the long term, if properly managed. However, there is a lot more involved with successfully carrying out the duties of a landlord than many people realize.

News Article-Trump Still Leading the Pack

In every presidential race there are always surprises but the sustained popularity of Donald Trump in the Republican race has surprised even those who have been following politics for decades. We are only a couple of weeks away from the last Republican debate before primary voting starts about eight weeks from now, and Trump still has a big lead over every other candidate in the race.

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Complete Website Content-IT Services B2B

Our Managed Services represent a significant portion of our business, and for a very good reason. Once we have an opportunity learn about a client's business, we then develop a customized plan that includes several different choices in the level of services with a range of price points.

NHSC Loan Repayment Requirements and Benefits

There is always a lot of activity in the medical industry and the last several years were no exception. The Affordable Care Act officially became law in 2010, reshaping significant portions of the healthcare industry and health insurance market. Similar to any large piece of legislation, some of the regulations meant new challenges for hospitals and physicians.

Blog Content-Internet Marketing

We all know it helps to have a nice looking website with a killer design but let's face it, successfully running a small business and navigating all the challenges from year to year is difficult, to say the least.

Bridgetown Home Buyers, LLC
How do I Find the Value of My Oregon Home?

Do you live in Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas County and are trying to figure out what the real value of your home is? If you are looking to sell now it is important to educate yourself on what a realistic range of value is for your home.

Dehumidifier reviews | Basement | Garage | Crawl Space | RV

The Ivation GDM20 is a small dehumidifier that utilizes advanced Peltier technology to power its moisture removal process which offers excellent energy efficiency, quiet operation and efficient moisture removal. It is designed for spaces of up to 110 square feet or less and is a good fit for recreation areas, RVs, boats or other small areas that have moderate to low levels of humidity.

Pharmacist Career Overview

A career as a Pharmacist opens up a wide range of possible job opportunities. Most people think about a pharmacist as the person at the local drug store who fills the prescription from our doctor or answers questions we have about over-the-counter medications.