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Automotive Management (AM)
When will car subscriptions become mainstream?

Car subscription has become a bit of a buzz phrase in the automotive space of late. But the 'buzz' does not look like it is only going to be a temporary fad.

Smart Transport
How England’s Economic Heartland developed its 2040 net zero strategy

The sub-national transport body (STB) England’s Economic Heartland (EEH) has put a five-point plan of action in place to achieve net zero by 2040 for a region stretching from Wiltshire to Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire to Hertfordshire. But where does one start with a remit that wide?

Automotive Management
Tesla: no room for UK dealers (or aftersales profits)

Almost a year on from opening its first UK retail location, Tesla has transformed from a company looking after a handful of Roadster models to one which is starting to build some scale. However, franchised dealers have not been invited to the party, and aftersales will not be a crucial profit centre.

Automotive Management
Analysis: Should you hold out for a return with Alfa Romeo?

Dealers can't do much without product and growing a brand in the UK is challenging even with a clockwork replacement cycle. Look at the half-year point for 2012, the manufacturer brands most lacking new models are struggling to keep their heads up - Renault down 46.83%, Mitsubishi down 41.93% and Alfa Romeo down 35.9%.

Face to face: HR Owen

Walking past supermodels on the way to a dealer interview is not a regular occurrence on AM. The fact Kate Moss was out shopping 50 paces from HR Owen's Jack Barclay showroom highlights how different this group is from any other in the UK.