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freelance writing job boards

The 6 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards (without the B.S.)

Becoming a freelance writer takes hustle, organization and perseverance. You’ll need to build a portfolio, seek out gigs and manage your workload to keep a steady flow of income. Rarely do all the pieces fall into place all at once.  For most freelance writers, building up to a full-time income is a process that takes …

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7 Little-Known Types of Lucrative Article Writing Jobs

Articles inform and tell stories – and our need for information and hunger for stories, are both still going strong. What’s changed is where the good money is in writing articles for clients. So, where can you still earn well in article writing? Here are seven great opportunities beyond the consumer magazines on your local newsstand…

Erotica Writing

Here’s How To Make Money Writing & Publishing Erotica In 2021

Our blog is all about helping writers hone their craft and earn a living doing what they love. We’d be remiss, then, not to cover a genre that provides a lucrative income for a growing number of writers: erotica. Erotica had a splashy moment in the spotlight in recent years with the massive success of …

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Digital Nomad Journalist Yolanda Evans... On a beach

How to Live Abroad as a Digital Nomad Journalist, According to Yolanda Evans

Evans is the archetypal digital nomad, living out the dream of many travel journalists and writers. Except that while others may hem and haw about buying a plane ticket because of responsibilities like family, mortgages or because they’re risk-averse, Evans is single and adventurous and doesn’t think twice about taking the leap. Here’s how the American freelance writer, now based out of Berlin, has managed to live abroad for years at a time—without relying on a trust fund or a spouse with a steady income.

Remote Writing Jobs

Remote writing jobs offer ambitious writers an unprecedented opportunity to make a living doing what they love while enjoying the flexibility and independence of working from home (or anywhere, for that matter). Here, we’ll delve into the field of remote writing and share some pointers for those interested in breaking into it.