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Dan Beardshall

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

Junior copywriter with a penchant for punchiness...but please don't be put off by the "junior". 5 years of experience in the marketing industry helped me cut my teeth as a budding copywriter, ready to normalise your notes and sort out your scribbles. Give me a half-decent brief and watch me fly.


Federica Tedeschi

Investment Reporter @Citywire @cwselector, international freelance journalist - Equality co-officer @NUJ_LFB, FIC member. Previous: Reporter @inspiratia , Senior Reporter @ElGazette.

I am a financial reporter for Citywire Selector. London-based and NCTJ-qualified, I have worked in different European countries and written for English, German and American publications, as well as Maltese and Italian ones. I previously specialised in human rights, renewable energy and education. Also Equality co-officer at @NUJ_LFB and FIC member (NUJ). Previous: Reporter for @inspiratia, Senior Reporter for @ElGazette.

Anthea Morrison

Freelance copywriter

If you want to promote your product, sell your service or simply share information, choosing the right words is key. I'll craft fresh and original copy in the right voice to deliver your message. Need help to develop your brand's tone of voice? I can do that too. I write for clients directly or through creative agencies, across industries that include property, tech, healthcare, education and the third sector. What my clients say: "Everyone loved the brochure and they’re all saying how great the tone of voice is. Thank you!" -Faye D’Arcy, Senior Account Manager at Sectorlight Design "The copy is just brilliant - I am so happy with this, thank you so much. You've taken everything out of my head and made it sound amazing." -Vicky Broddle, Design Director at Pollitt & Partners "Anthea is one of the best finds in my life! She’s highly skilled as an editor and makes what I want to say really concise and clear." -Lucy Sanctuary, Speech Therapist


Megan Eaves

Travel & Astro Journalist

Megan Eaves is a freelance journalist, editor, content pro, consultant, and dark-sky advocate. She formerly served as Lonely Planet's North and Central Asia Destination Editor and is now the editor of Nightscape, the magazine of the International Dark-Sky Association. Her work regularly appears in the BBC, The Independent, Lonely Planet, CNN, Thrillist, Culture Trip, the South China Morning Post, TimeOut, Travel Weekly, Horizon Guides and numerous others. She has written Lonely Planet guidebooks to China, South Korea and Tibet and edited dozens more, as well as DK guides to China, Shanghai and Beijing. She has a strong regional specialisation in China, Central Asia and the Southwest USA, and also regularly covers astronomy, dark skies, space, conservation, sustainability/environment, the outdoors, and beer. http://www.meganeaves.com

Matthew O'Neill

Freelance Writer

Hey there! I am Matt O'Neill and I am a freelance culture writer who specialises in film & TV - which was the most niche job I could think of. I am primarily based in Ireland and the UK and am always looking to expand my portfolio with new opportunities, however varied or diverse. Though my speciality is in film, I have extensive knowledge in many other fields, which include: international & domestic politics, travel, literary works, the technology sector, international sport, and privacy rights - along with various others. I can work to any platform or specification required and am more than proficient at shifting my prose to match any certain style or theme. I have a degree in English and am willing to undertake any task that you might need satisfied. Whether that involves copywriting, blog entries or editing, complex essays, article writing, social media content writing, publication editing, proofreading, and just about anything else that you require.


Neil Simpson

Experienced journalist and writer

My bulk of my experience is all about London, from writing news and features about museums, galleries, bars and restaurants, to describing the terror of taking part in open-mic stand-up comedy. Since then, my focus has shifted to writing about the climate crisis and communicating solutions, predominantly for Extinction Rebellion and the sustainable banking campaign group I co-founded, Bank.Green.

Natalie Beastall

Marketing Manager

Lost for words? I can help. I'm currently working as a Marketing Manager but my heart sits with content creation. I'm passionate about words and the stories that they can convey, the emotions that they can make people feel and the beauty within them. I miss storytelling and want to get back on track to my true passion of copywriting. I love pushing the boundaries with content. I have experience in writing long and short-form content, creating scripts for YouTube videos, writing subtitles for video content, writing social and app posts, and content for emails. Below is a snippet of some of the videos that I've created the content for and written articles.


Christopher Lord

York-based copywriter & music journalist

A bit like that feeling when you leave the cinema. Writing should inspire, inform and tap into our emotions. That applies whether you're selling traffic islands, advertising student accommodation, or interviewing rock stars and Golden Globe winners. And I've done the lot. Over the past 5 years, I've written for national news outlets, regional magazines and a growing number of companies - both B2B & B2C. As a result, I've developed a truly versatile writing style that can be adapted for just about any purpose or audience. When I'm not writing for work, I'm writing for leisure, simply because it's what makes me tick. When you work with me, you can be certain that I approach every brief with the same passion and enthusiasm that you have for your project or business. I've gathered some of my favourite pieces of writing below to demonstrate what I can do. Feel free to have a flick through my CV for a clearer picture of my skills and experience, too. Like what you've seen so far? Great, I'd love to hear from you! Contact me at: [email protected]


Carolyn McMurray


Copywriter with 2 years of experience writing creative and on-brand copy for the B2B and tech space, PR & communications industry, and the health and rehabilitation sector. Easily able to adapt to different TOV’s and industries, crafting everything from newsletters, social media copy, and website copy to blog content. I've also had my work published for a number of startups including Eate Collective, Journify, MUO, and Tred. Below is my portfolio. Some of it includes links to copy I've written, and some of it includes PDF versions since I was acting as 'ghostwriter,' and have had to maintain client confidentiality.


Kelly Ranson

Journalist & Content Writer

I am an award-winning journalist and content writer with more than 15 years' experience in writing, editing and PR. I have written for a number of print and online publications, with a focus on travel, meetings & events and technology. I have also worked in-house for one of the UK's most established travel brands looking after the PR, writing blogs and content. Available for freelance writing and content commissions.