Olivia Greenway

Travel writer and lifestyle journalist

United Kingdom

Based in London, I have visited over 120 countries and lived in South Africa and Hong Kong.

Extensive knowledge of southern India (30+ trips) USA and Africa, especially South Africa. Complete breakdown of places visited on my website.

Contribute travel stories to the nationals such as the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Independent; and to monthly magazines such as National Geographic Traveller and Sphere.

Tweeting @oliviagreenway

A Taste of India

Ancient philosophies are at the heart of Shreyas Retreat near Bangalore. After trying the lodge's new cookery course, Olivia Greenway feels the benefits

Sunday Express
Hawaii plays a starring role

Olivia Greenway visits the paradise islands where George Clooney stars in his latest film

Independent on Sunday
The Incredible Journey

A new tour of the Eastern Cape mixes safari with activities such as cooking and canoeing. Olivia Greenway tried it out

National Geographic Traveller
Teenager Tricks in Exmoor & Africa

Taking a teenager on holiday is not without its challenges – being a single mother just added to them. I could have gone down the easy route and just taken her to a theme park with a friend, but I really wanted to spend some quality time with my daughter. It didn’t have to be complicated; it was being together that mattered. And, in case things went horribly wrong, I also wanted to be able to crawl home with relative ease.

Caterer and Hotelkeeper
Menuwatch - Stapleford Park

David Ellams has recently been promoted to the role of head chef at Stapleford Park, where he serves a modern British menu in its fine-dining restaurant, the Grinling Gibbons room. Olivia Greenway reports

Vegetarian Living
A Euro vision worth watching

In 2009, Ghent announced that the city was having a “Veggie Thursday” every week, when everyone was going to try to eat vegetarian food. On the second anniversary of the initiative, Olivia Greenway went to find out why the campaign started and how locals have taken to meat-free days.

Morning Calm magazine
Becoming a Braumeister

A large cauldron-like vat is emitting steam, a nearby machine is quietly milling grain, two stainless steel tanks tower above; there is an open sack of strange looking dried green flowers and the air is heady with the smell of yeast. Ten young men and women wearing white coats and carrying clipboards are inspecting something. Rather than a scene from the latest Harry Potter film, it’s the working model brewery at the TUM (Technical University Munich) in the Academic Faculty of Brewing and...

Travel Time
Zaha Hadid interview

Born in Baghdad but now based in London, Zaha Hadid has just returned from Glasgow, where her first British creation, the Riverside Museum of Transport, recently opened. Travel Time managed to get a very busy Hadid to share some of her thoughts regarding her work and early inspiration.