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Katherine Henderson

Freelance Writer

Katherine fell in love with words at first bedtime story (which she could probably still recite) and credits her 7th grade readings of Eudora Welty and Maya Angelou to be the impetus for her recognition that she, too, might have a story to tell. Katherine enjoys writing about both business and lifestyle topics, philanthropy initiatives, and family issues, as well as conducting personal interviews.


Alice Dodd

Freelance copywriter and content creator

A British content creator and copywriter, experienced in creating engaging copy across blog posts, features, and social media. Skilled in SEO, long-form, and writing sponsored content in-line with the needs of the publication, the brand, and the consumer. I prioritise using the copy I create to reflect each client's unique tone and voice. I am constantly inspired by meeting new people and delighting in the wonders of foreign cultures. For examples of social media, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

Ifrah Rizwan

Journalist | Blogger | Digital Marketer

I write relevant and engaging content for both digital and print mediums including news, lifestyle, and entertainment. I curate content and manage communities on social media for publications. With a passion for digital marketing, I have knowledge of PPC, social media and display advertising and am familiar with on-page optimisation.

United Arab Emirates

Mac Hubbard


I get that you're busy, so I won't make you read the thousands of pages I've written over the last few years. Here's a collection of highlights that should, at the very least, give you a sense of my range when it comes to voice and subject matter. Don't see the kind of storytelling you're looking for? Ask and you shall receive.


Claire Allison

Marketing and Brand Strategist | Content Specialist

Having worked in marketing for the last 17 years, my experience spans a range of industries, including travel and tourism, healthtech, investment migration, economic development, online education, and aerospace. I enjoy marketing and brand strategy, corporate communications, and content marketing. Contact me: [email protected]

Kate Iida

Journalist and Travel Writer

I´m a Northern California native now living in New York City. Currently a senior at Barnard College, Columbia University, I´m majoring in history with minors in archaeology, and Spanish. I love to travel and explore, and just returned from six months studying and travelling in Peru and Mexico. On weekends you´ll find me scoping out new hiking trails in upstate New York, drinking tea, playing guitar, and wishing I could smuggle a cat into Barnard housing.

United States of America

Hilary Billings

Contributing Writer for USA Today & Huffington Post. Video Host for Digital Content.

Writer, video host, and producer with emphasis in entertainment, travel, and humor. Previous outlet affiliations include E! News, USA Today, Huffington Post, Taste of Country, PopCrush, and Modern Luxury. Former Miss Nevada United States 2013. Has created independent social media videos that have garnered millions of views. Has a passion for developing female-centric content promoting self-development and widening perspectives.

United States of America

Dylan Garret

Editorial Director,

Editorial Director for Recovering bartender, beverage director and former exhausted line cook with a background in food and drink writing. Previously senior digital editor for Wine Enthusiast. Author of numerous freelance articles, terrible unpublished novels, and pro bono bios for broke musicians.

Danny Maiorca

Content Marketer

I create content (primarily writing) across multiple subjects. favourite topic is travel - in particular the Nordic region - while I also have extensive experience writing about payments, gaming, marketing and sports. In addition to this, I enjoy helping small businesses gain exposure through creating pieces that engage prospective clients. A native English speaker, I am in the process of learning Norwegian and Swedish. My writing skills are diverse and range from blog posts to interview pieces, press releases, creating ad campaigns and more. I also do photography, with cityscapes being my favourite variation, while social media is another field I can help you with.

United Kingdom

Celestine Foo

Content Producer

Voracious reader turned writer, I have always been passionate about telling stories. My interests lie in topics relating to social issues and I am constantly on the lookout for story opportunities. I often have a camera in hand because photography is my hobby - one which works well with my passion for writing.