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Kate Iida

Journalist and Travel Writer

Location icon United States of America

I´m a Northern California native now living in New York City. Currently a senior at Barnard College, Columbia University, I´m majoring in history with minors in archaeology, and Spanish. I love to travel and explore, and just returned from six months studying and travelling in Peru and Mexico. On weekends you´ll find me scoping out new hiking trails in upstate New York, drinking tea, playing guitar, and wishing I could smuggle a cat into Barnard housing.

Culture Trip
The Best Bookstores In And Around San Rafael, California

If you're looking for intellectual stimulation, a place to relax, read a good book, and listen to hot live music, or to simply get lost in precariously stacked piles of dust-covered novels, these bookstores will satisfy your appetite for literature and adventure.

Culture Trip
10 Brunches To Try In San Francisco's Japantown

As the most concentrated center of Japanese food and culture in San Francisco, it's not surprising that Japantown boasts an array of eating options, from authentic Japanese cuisine to quirky and alternative spin-offs of traditional food. Check out our picks for the top ten brunches in Japantown!

Columbia Daily Spectator
ESC pilot program indicates demand for free tampons, pads in campus bathrooms

Students claimed free tampons and pads nearly as quickly as they were stocked in on-campus bathrooms, a week-long pilot program funded by Engineering Student Council earlier this month showed. Now, council members are looking for ways to fund and implement a long-term program to stock sanitary products in bathrooms. On Oct.

Columbia Daily Spectator
Students identify barriers to mental health access at open forum

Students discussed the causes of mental health issues on campus and floated potential solutions at a forum hosted by the Mental Health Task Force and Office of University Life Monday night. In the wake of four student suicides this academic year, students have been seeking increased mental health resources.

Columbia Daily Spectator
Candidates discuss strengthening community, mental health at GSSC debates

Candidates for General Studies Student Council presented their platforms today in a debate held by Columbia Elections Board in Roone Arledge Cinema. Major issues discussed include increasing mental health resources, creating more student spaces, and further integrating GS into the greater Columbia community.

Messages from the Heart of the World

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia live the Kogi people, an isolated, indigenous tribe that have preserved their customs and lifestyle for the past five hundred years.

Mismanagement of Water in California

California and the rest of the West are in the middle of a twelve year drought, and water isn't getting any easier to come by. Last year, Marin County got less than 20% of the rainfall it was expected to get, a pattern that has not changed throughout the past couple of years.

Indigenous Environmental Movement Gaining Momentum

A global environmental movement is sweeping the world. Native and indigenous peoples are rising up to protest the damage done to the environment by oil and natural gas companies, often risking their lives and their security in the process.

Fighting the Rise of Genetically Modified Food: It's the Consumer that Matters

Although the American public doesn't yet know what the real effects of eating Genetically Modified (GMO) Food will be, the chances are that if people did know the truth, they like it. That's why the large agro-businesses have poured so much money into stopping any sort of awareness about the issues and the research that has gone on.