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Andrea Christine Schmidt

Singer, Actor, Writer, Jesus lover, Uber Driver, Cat mom-er

Just a woman on a mission to better understand herself and those around her, and maybe tell a few good stories along the way.

Kyle Spishock

Sports & Entertainment Journalist

I'm a writer and videographer with a keen eye for discovering unique methods in structuring the foundation of a story. In my career, I have covered sports, entertainment, and various events throughout Texas. Each word I write is a new experience, and I hope to continue evolving and progressing with every published article. Email: [email protected] Phone: 210-323-6531 Resumes available on request or via my LinkedIn

Brianna Horan

Think Big, Focus on the Details

I have a way with words and am driven by curiosity. It's taken me from city streets to cornfields in the pursuit of authentic perspectives and compelling narratives. I'm based in my hometown of Pittsburgh, and at my day job in tourism I collaborate with clients from a broad array of backgrounds to design and deliver experiential travel and events. Whether the interaction is B2B or B2C, the foundation of every successful relationship is H2H – human to human. Understanding a client's goals and discovering her aspirations leads to impactful and engaging results. My freelance experience spans ten years and includes work as a newspaper features reporter, weekly columnist, magazine editor, and trade magazine writer. The best way to tell a story is to listen, and by being a keen observer I've had the delight of recounting the experiences of a diverse array of individuals - from aerial performers to sleep experts versed in catching Z's.


Nastassja Smart

Digital Content Creator & Founder - Indi Coco Store

Multi-skilled storyteller and relationship builder - whether on or off-line. Committed to creating engaging content that is stimulating and inspiring. I thrive when working in a creative international environment that encourages personal growth and team work.


Archana Aithal Rose


I'm a writer, editor and former expat who has conceptualised, pitched and written stories for some of the world's top-notch publications. My articles have appeared in, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue, The Times of India and more on a wide variety of subjects including Movies, Architecture, Arts, Travel, Technology, Interior design, Celebrities, Lifestyle and Fashion. My extensive travels and experiences living in different parts of the world are reflected in my writing. In addition to writing, I also have a keen interest and passion in photography, food, cinema and music. I speak five different languages-a result of a well-traveled lifestyle.

United States of America

Ana Galera


Telling stories is Ana's big passion. She is a very versatile and adaptable writer. Whether they are articles, short films, feature films or short stories, Ana’s ideas are refreshing, elegant and relatable.

United Kingdom

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Mariana Limón

Estudiante de periodismo / Journalism student

Escribo acerca de arte, moda, política y eventos actuales / I write about art, fashion, politics and current affairs. Mail: [email protected]

Christa McIntyre


I'm Christa McIntyre and I write about arts, music and culture. I'm a Portland theater critic, chef of sandwiches and occasional backseat canoe paddler.

United States of America

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Elisa Valerio Perroni

Magíster en Historia del Arte - Licenciada en Letras - Editora

Elisa Valerio (1990) es magíster en Estudios Avanzados en Historia del Arte por la Universitat de Barcelona (España), es licenciada en Letras por la Universidad de la República (Uruguay) y diplomada en Edición por la Universidad CLAEH (Uruguay). Realizó su trabajo final de maestría sobre mediación y sus prácticas en la Coordinación de Proyectos Educativos de la Fundació Antoni Tàpies (España). Desde 2019 se desempeña en el área de artes visuales en Uruguay en distinto roles. Además, desde el 2014 se desempeña como coordinadora, editora, redactora y correctora de contenidos digitales y publicaciones.


Corey Mittenberg

Writer and Media Producer

Hi! I'm Corey Mittenberg--and I also write under the pen name/nickname CM Gorey for fun. I'm driven by my passion for writing about subjects ranging from higher ed, crypto, art, drama, and music to business trends, fintech, sports, and film. As a freelance writer and editor, I've collaborated with universities, startups, magazines, art galleries, business blogs, marketing agencies, book publishers, post-punk bands, and screenwriters to create articles, landing pages, email campaigns, apps, screenplays, video scripts, talks, and plays about software, apps, luxury brands, the arts (visual, musical, drinkable), travel, health, exercise, and more. Though I'm from New York, after five years living in São Paulo, Brazil, I have been calling Charlottesville, Virginia home since 2016.