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April Evans

News writer, storyteller, photographer

Communications professional with 10+ years experience as a business, education, government and general news reporter. Photographer, social media and website manager, and a food and family columnist.

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Nicholas Wyman

Author, CEO & Keynote Speaker

Job Skills & Training in the 21st-Century Workplace.


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Lucy Cleeve

Freelance Copywriter & Editor

I create engaging lifestyle content and whip words into shape for major brands and publications. I'm also the Australian Editor for Apple Retail at Hogarth Worldwide. See more at and get in touch at [email protected]

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Emma Rosen

Author & Freelance Journalist

Launched a project to experience in 25 jobs in a year to promote alternative ways of working and to encourage young people to gain more work experience in a diverse range of sectors before making major decisions. Since completing the 25before25 project, Emma works as a freelance journalist, author and speaker.


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Bill Miller

Dedicated & highly experienced writer with expertise in all news beats, brand journalism, editing, newsroom management

Analytical and highly qualified, I bring several years of experience in journalism and an extensive background in online and print environments to each assignment. Through permanent positions and as a freelancer, my record of accomplishments spans across multiple projects and publications. Through a combination of solid decision making, dedication to producing quality work, and a keen understanding of how people – whether employees, vendors, customers, or partners – impact operations, I offer a track record of developing engaging content to help drive web traffic and establish brands as industry thought leaders. Engaging and collaborative, I am relied upon to guide special projects and content strategy decisions to identify and capitalize on opportunities for market penetration and audience growth.


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Rebecca Howard

Writer, etc.

I am a Denver-based communications professional with over seven years of experience in content marketing. I'm skilled in creating compelling content for websites, blogs, marketing materials, social media and more. I'm passionate about helping others tell their story. Colorado Native. Huge nerd. My roommate is my cat.

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Trent Jonas

Freelance Writer

I accepted my first freelance assignment from "The Minnesota Daily" in 1988 -- and have been writing professionally ever since. I’m a dad of two teens and like to write about travel, education, legal matters, and most anything that piques my interest. See what else I’m up to at and

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Giacomo Galardini

Freelance Journalist

I am a communicator to a greater extent: I have experience in digital media, radio, online journalism, communication and web content management and production. Currently based in Brussels.

Sarah Kanga


L'écriture est garante à la fois du rêve et du réel. Elle décrit et donne corps. Chaque texte s'apparente à une matière vivante renfermant un souffle, un emboîtement, des promesses. Et derrière l'harmonie de l'ensemble, il y a une sensibilité à l'égard des mots, doublée d'une sorte de bienveillance. C'est ce rapport privilégié avec la musicalité des lettres qui rythme ma plume. Elle se moque du terrain sur lequel elle est missionnée car très vite elle le conquiert, avec ivresse. J'exerce ce métier depuis 4 ans et travaille à distance ou sur site. 07 78 12 06 96 [email protected]

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Victoria (Torie) Robinette

Freelance Writer & Editor

Hi, I'm Torie. Since graduating from the School of Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2008 (Go, Heels!), I've made a career as a storyteller, brand advocate and an editor who lives for the latest version of the AP Style Book to be released. I've balanced roles managing a public relations team at Neiman Marcus; editing, producing, managing, and styling content for multiple publications across various platforms and media spaces; working on a dynamic tourism- and hospitality-driven communications team for the city of Charlotte, NC; and helping to elevate Georgia State University's national and global presence as a top public research university. In a world in which we often tell the same story, I specialize in finding a unique angle that hasn't yet been explored. I'd love to tell your story.

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