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Mankaprr Conteh

Freelance Journalist, Multimedia Producer, Creative Director

Location icon United States

I produce writing, video, and audio about social issues and pop culture with an eye to gender and race. At Wake Forest University, I formally studied politics, international affairs, and journalism. I informally studied tweets, Rihanna, and jollof rice.


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Rico Nasty on the Revival of Women in Rap

Right now, women rappers like Rico Nasty are taking up well-deserved space in the mainstream. As she prepared for her historic Freshman Class concert slot, Rico spoke to me about this musical renaissance.

The Alvin Ailey School Celebrates 50 Years With a Moving Gala Performance

Alvin Ailey is a name synonymous with both world-class ballet and the black American experience. Ailey founded his dance company in 1958 to showcase the best black talent, and, in 1969, a school of dance. I was there as the company celebrated its school's 50th anniversary at Lincoln Center.

The Mott Haven Herald
Musicians react to a lost opportunity

After a Bronx music festival was squashed under pressure from residents who questioned its motives, I talked to some performers.

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Janelle James, Comedy Festival Queen

Janelle James is a comedian heralded by Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and Hannibal Buress. She's also one of few comedians to run her own festival. I wrote about how and why.

Hunts Point Express
Police beat: Oct. 18-26

I spoke with police of one South Bronx precinct and victims of crimes about some the more noteworthy offences committed during one fall week.

The Mott Haven Herald
NYCHA residents air grievances with police

At a meeting between public housing tenants and NYPD officers, rows of residents left following a tense exchange between a tenant and the officer leading the session.

The Mott Haven Herald
NYCHA residents take to the polls

I talked to a handful of voters in New York's democratic primary contests who overwhelmingly supported incumbents.

OSHUN Is Ready to Find Peace at Home

After a bittersweet European tour in support of their latest album, hip-hop and neo-soul duo OSHUN readies for a return home.

Anna Julia Cooper Center
Young Scholars Resist Violence and Invisibility

"Atlanta" inspired a new reverence for the city, a deep appreciation for Migos, and, for one student, a dive into serious intersectional scholarship.

Lakeisha and the March

"This march is supposed to be about making room for all of us, ensuring that all of us have a voice, and I couldn't even get a space on my train," Lakeisha Robinson explained behind a medical tent at the Women's March on Washington. The March's formal program had just begun, but she was heading home.

Hands on Their Backs

A cultural criticism of the way black girls are pushed out of schools.

To Profile a Protest

Photojournalists have immortalized police-violence-provoked uprisings. Here, I write on the role of photogs in Baton Rouge, Charlotte, and beyond.

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