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Sam Perry

Copywriter & Copy Editor

Location icon United States

Current Copy Review Specialist I at Isagenix International
Former Copywriter at G/O Digital and Copywriting Intern at Make-A-Wish® America
ASU graduate with concurrent degrees in English (Literature) and Communication



IsaFYI Blog
IsaFYI: For Your Inspiration

Since 2019, the articles on this blog have been edited by both me and one other editor. We are responsible for editing/proofreading, finalizing layouts, and improving SEO performance.


South West Plumbing Blog
Plumbing in the International Space Station

It's much harder to shower, wash your hands and use the bathroom in space. Here's a look at the inner workings of the International Space Station's plumbing system.

Union Transfer & Storage Blog
When to Move to a New City

Moving is something most of us will have to do – whether by choice or necessity – at some point in our lives. However, it can be difficult to determine if your urge to move is just wishful thinking or a sign that something truly needs to change. If you just can’t decide, watch for these signs that you should take the plunge.

iCademy Global Blog
How K-12 Online Learning Can Benefit Your Child

Many people dismiss online learning as a viable option because it's new and unfamiliar. However, as technology and online communication improve, parents are encouraged to revisit this opportunity. Online learning offers several significant advantages over the traditional classroom environment.

Farris, Riley & Pitt Blog
How To Handle A Product Recall

You've just bought a new coffee maker, child safety seat or bag of lettuce when you see a warning on the news – the product you purchased has been recalled nationwide. Upon hearing this, your first instinct may be to throw it in the trash. But is there a better way to handle the situation?


Make-A-Wish® America
Ballerinas Become Wish Granters for Natalie

The stage feels so much bigger up close, but Natalie is more than ready. She has always handled life's challenges with the grace of a ballerina. And this is her big break.

Wishmaker: Issue 2, Winter 2016
Teens Receive Star-Studded Wish

For Grace, Madi, Sierra and Samantha, television is the ultimate wonderland. It is something bigger than yourself, a faraway place teeming with celebrities you’ll never meet and performances you’ll never see. At least it was, up until now.

Wish Nation Blog
Kids Turn to Music to Cope With Serious Illnesses

In many ways, LaKayla’s song “Fantasy” is like any other pop hit. The music video is professionally produced by Sam Frank Productions and features all the neon colors and cool outfits we’ve come to expect from modern music videos. Plus, the catchy hook will get stuck in your head for days!

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