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How to Write an Author Bio That Makes You Stand Out

As you build your writing portfolio, you’re likely dedicating a lot of time to choosing the right clips. But there’s another very important part of your portfolio that many writers regrettably treat as an afterthought: the author bio.  Your author bio is the first thing viewers will look at when arriving to your online portfolio. …

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How to Create a Strong Editor Portfolio (in 6 Easy Steps)

There are some writing jobs that don’t lend themselves well to the format of a traditional portfolio. Editing, for example, is one of them. To create a strong editor portfolio, you need to do more than show off your prowess for correcting grammar and polishing syntax; you need to demonstrate your analytical approach to developing a story and coaching a writer through it. To create a winning editor portfolio, follow these six steps…

5 Creative Writing Portfolio Examples To Get You Started

As a creative writer, you’re versatile. You’re skilled at weaving narratives that are compelling and inventive. When you’re in the zone, it feels like the words just flow from your fingers and onto the page… well, except when writing your own portfolio. Sound familiar? You’re not alone – sometimes, the hardest writing to do is the kind promoting yourself and your own skills. Yet, it’s an essential task if you want to make a living as a creative writer. To help clear up the writer’s block that can happen when creating your portfolio, take a look at these five creative writing portfolio examples.