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Nicholas Holmes

Founder, clippings.me

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Why go anywhere else for your writing portfolio?

Clippings.me is the world's most popular journalism portfolio site, the virtual home of writers, bloggers and reporters from all over the world. We've been featured by 10,000 Words, Poynter, IJNet, journalism.co.uk and we're recommended as a writing portfolio resource by journalism schools in the US, UK and Australia. Already convinced? Click here to get a portfolio today. Otherwise, read on...

Build a writing portfolio in minutes

A video tour of clippings.me

Our writers love clippings.me because they can spend less time designing and more time writing. It takes just minutes to get set up with a style that you'll adore, and then when you want to add new clips you can do so in seconds. With our new 'autofill' feature, web links add themselves - all you need to enter a URL, and our software does the rest.

Of course, as a talented writer your work probably finds its way to other formats too. That's why clippings.me makes it easy to embed PDFs, YouTube, Vimeo, AudioBoo, SoundCloud and tons of other formats right into your writing portfolio pages. That's something no-one else offers.

The best price possible

We know writing is a difficult game nowadays. That's why the basic version of the clippings.me writing portfolio is free. And if you want a little more - a spam-protected contact form or a password-protected portfolio, for instance, you'll find prices are incredibly low. The most advanced package, which provides in-depth social statistics on everything you write, costs under $10 per month. Plus, with any premium package you can use a custom URL, which means less clippings.me/yourname and more www.yourname.com.

A couple of examples are below - take a look and see what you think! Or just get a portfolio today!

Nicholas Holmes' Writing Portfolio Ken Kaplan's Writing Portfolio