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Nathan DeWitt

Writer, Professor, Producer

Location icon United States of America

Versatile, vivacious and visionary, Nathan DeWitt is a person with albinism who holds his BA in English from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California. In addition to his freelance work as a writer and producer, he currently teaches screenwriting and media studies at DePaul University and the University of Cincinnati.


Writing Samples

Opinion Piece/ Column
It's Lazy to Hate Remakes and Revivals

Lately a wave of anger and prejudice has swept through television fandom. Like all forms of hatred, this animosity is ugly and rooted in lazy, ignorant thinking. Much of the vitriol which has been spewed demonstrates limited understanding of the allegedly abhorrent subject.I'm talking of course about people hating on television remakes and revivals.

Personal Essay
Red, White and Blue

The 2016 Presidential Election was traumatic for many Americans. The infighting between the candidates was nasty and difficult for many people to watch, regardless of their political ideology. There was a prevailing sentiment neither candidate was ideal or even qualified for the position of President. The constant bombardment and bickering kept many people anxious and awake at night. Not me, though. I slept like a baby. In fact, I watched the debates with the same sense of nostalgia I...

Musician Biography
Anthony Pirog

Anthony Pirog is making his mark on the guitar playing universe, one sonically enthralling, diversely influenced project after another.

Musician Biography
Janel Leppin

Janel Leppin is predominantly a cellist and has honed her skills as a composer and professional musician in multiple genres.

Some Projects Produced by Nathan

Short Subject Documentary
Life Calls Us On: Ministry of Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons

Meadville Lombard Theological School is a seminary that has long embraced the values and aspirations of feminism. Kendyl Gibbons embodies those values in her exemplary ministry. Here is a bit of her remarkable Unitarian Universalist story.

Pilot Screener
Good Vibrations

After the death of her husband, a conservative mother and her promiscuous daughter must work together to run the late man's secret business, a sex shop. (Password is goodvibes)


My Blogs

Pique TV

TV News, Reviews and Opinions by Nate DeWitt, MFA

White Noise

Nate DeWitt's blog exploring the darker aspects of life with albinism.

Feature Length Screenplays

The Art of Living Dangerously

When the world's greatest adventurer goes missing, the only person who can save him is the risk-averse son he's never met. Indiana Jones meets Austin Powers. Di Bonaventura took to Paramount, Polymorphic took to Warner Bros, Montecito took to Sony, Gunn Films took to Disney. It also went in to New Regency and Dreamworks. Being developed as a YA novel.

Free Ride

A wealth-obsessed FBI agent must go undercover in the gritty world of Los Angele's fixed gear bike scene in order to find a group of anti-American bank robbers. Point Break on bikes.

Old Man Winter

An agoraphobic man learns he is the next Old Man Winter, the man who controls all weather on earth. He must go on a quest to recover the four Season Stones, pursued by a deranged meteorologist, determined to weaponize the weather. The Santa Clause meets Harry Potter.

Sitcom Pilots

independent production
Good Vibrations

After the death of their husband and father, a conservative mother and her promiscuous daughter must work together to run the late man's secret business, a sex shop. (Currently in post-production)

One Hour Drama Scripts

Optioned by Gallows Road, LLC
All the Rage

A look at the meteoric rise of a grunge band from the suburbs of Seattle in the early 1990s as seen through the eyes of its legally blind, rage-addled drummer Jeremy. Optioned by Gallows Road, LLC.

The Resistance

After his son overdoses on a mysterious new drug, Drew goes undercover, working with a clandestine group of vigilantes bent on taking back the streets of the city they love. The Wire meets Sin City.

Optioned by SSS Entertainment

American Psycho meets Entourage. Optioned by SSS Entertainment, went to The Mark Gordon Company and FX.

Conference Talks

The Page One Entertainment Writer's Conference: Breaking In Panel 2014

Page One is an annual conference hosted by DePaul at which writers across a broad spectrum of genres gather to talk craft. I hosted the “Breaking In” Panel, which focused on the first years in the entertainment industry and how to land and keep that first writing job. My panel included writers Severiano Canales from SCANDAL, Aisha Muharrar from PARKS AND RECREATION as well as independent filmmaker and actor David Dastmalchian. It was my responsibility to book the Panelists, arrange their...

Independent Web Series

MacGuffin State

MACGUFFIN STATE is a satirical infotainment web series about knowledge, those who are trying to attain it and those who are trying to share it. Just like THE COLBERT REPORT or LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER seek to give audiences the fuller truth behind current events, MACGUFFIN STATE seeks to give audiences the fuller truth behind topics one might learn in college.

DePaul's TV Project

The TV Project is a student lead Television/New Media Production hub from DePaul University. Board: President - Rooscol Rozambert Vice President - Fleaz Sant...

Press Clippings and Interviews

The DePaulia
Networks at war: Popularity of military TV shows rise as quality falls

A montage of bullets flying through the air, military members barking commands, all done through the haze created by the sandy terrain of the Middle East. The scene closes with the narrator loudly announcing, "'The Brave' Mondays on NBC." A quick flip of the channel would offer you a similar preview, but this time focusing...

DePaul hosts 'Art of Pitch' panel with film, tv pros

"The Art of Pitching" is the panel discussion part of the first Pitch Day hosted by DePaul School of Cinematic Arts Friday, March 6, featuring faculty members who are also successful film and television professionals.

Today's on-screen heroes not always 'super'

Before Superman, there was Hercules.Before Omar Little, there was Robin Hood. From Greek mythology to comic books, from English folklore to modern day television, stories and tales of heroism have been engraved in our pop culture since the beginning of time. The evolution of the protagonist is an interesting one.

Breaking Bad' sets precedent for excellence

The nine-time Emmy award winning AMC series "Breaking Bad" showed its final scenes to 10.3 million fans, not to mention the 500,000 illegal downloaders from just 12 hours after it aired, Sept. 29. Die-hard fans were left satisfied yet empty, with nothing to look forward to on the upcoming Sundays.

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