Jenai Charles

Content Creator and PR Student

United States of America

Jenai Charles is a poet, blogger, author and content creator. She is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations.
She has published two books, a poetry book and a self-care journal. Her poetry book, Unfolding is available on, the Barnes and Noble website and Booktopia while her self-care journal, Blossom, is only available on She is a story teller at heart who connects words with visual concepts. Her focus is on wellness (self-care and nutrition), travel and lifestyle.

She is a google analytics certified content strategist with a focus on brand-storytelling, digital marketing and creative writing. Using data and intuition, she creates creative marketing and branding strategies to reach and exceed a company's goals. She curates and creates ideas using multimedia elements to craft well written and well designed content. She successfully implements data-driven creative marketing and branding strategies by developing a relationship between your brand and target audience.

Jenai plans to focus her public relations career on media relations, ethics and social responsibility, employee relations and crisis communication in the entertainment, wellness and travel industry. She is a multi-faceted person with interests, experience and talents in social media management and marketing/strategy, content creation, copywriting, problem solving, brand management and creative/research writing.

The Core Magazine
"Not Having Closure, It Take(s) A Lot Out Of Me"

I never quite liked the notion that I needed someone to give me closure so I can move on. Because, what if you don't like the answer? What if they don't want to give you that closure? What if this person you are seeking closure from has died?

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8 Black LGBTQ Artists You Should be Listening To

It's June and we all know what that means. It's Pride Month! The LGBTQ community is a resilient one, especially those of color. It is important that we celebrate and embrace the talents within this community, not just this month but all year long. They have stories to tell and our ears must be open.

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Make Your Own Nut Milk In 7 Easy Steps!

Making nut milk isn't as hard as you think. You have so many different types of nuts and seeds to choose from like pecans, coconut, hemp seeds, cashews and sunflower seeds... But this one is our absolute favorite! Check out the recipe!