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Chris Gower

Blogger, writer and YouTube host

Location icon United Kingdom

I have been blogging and writing since 2007 when I started Veget8, a blog about my vegetarianism and places that I visited whilst being a vegetarian. I am no longer a vegetarian, but I continued with Eating Exeter which was founded in 2011 and is now called Dining Devon.

It continues to this day going from strength to strength. I write about green issues, mental health and food.

I am looking to expand my freelance writing horizon and am open to ideas and opportunities.

Devonshire Magazine
Dive into forest bathing

Article introducing Forest Bathing as a method of staying mindful and present

The Hourglass XR
The St Helena Earwig

Our planet's insects are collectively the cogs that keep the delicately tuned ecological machine in balance...

Exeter Life
Burgering On

With Exeter’s sixth burger joint due to open in 2016, food blogger CHRIS GOWER compares the city’s principal patty purveyors

Eating Exeter
The Rusty Pig, Ottery St Mary

The Rusty Pig, Yonder Street, Ottery St. Mary EX11 1HD 01404 815580 Butchers: open Thursday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm Saturday 9.30am to 4pm. Supper tables: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Fixed Course only) Breakfast: Friday and Saturday 10am to 2pm In the last twenty years or so, East Devon has had somewhat of a food renaissance....

Blogosphere Magazine
How To Write A Restaurant Review

Service difficult to stomach? Exquisite food but dreadful decor? Chris Gower of Eating Exeter shares his tips on being a culinary critic

Eating Exeter
The Carless Foodie: foot-friendly foodie destinations near Exeter

Exeter Food Festival is just around the corner, and it is easy to see that our region has become a shining beacon for food lovers over the last ten years, and us Exonians are in the middle of the party. But for those of us reliant on public transport, getting out to visit some of the best...

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