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Alice Barnes-Brown

Freelance Writer and Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Alice. I'm a writer and editor, specialising in travel and history. I am a full member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

I've got years of experience in the publishing industry, gained from working on the editorial teams of internationally renowned magazines such as BBC History Revealed, British Airways' High Life, and All About History. I've had features published in a range of print and digital outlets, from Singaporean pet publications to inflight magazines. You'll also find me in more Future Publishing bookazines than I can count.

I can:
- Write for digital and print channels
- Research (both online and the old-fashioned way)
- Fact-check
- Edit copy
- Plan and commission content
- Use and write for CMS, particularly WordPress
- Pitch great story ideas
- Interview awesome public figures
- Source legal images
- Find new writers
- Manage risky office sweepstakes

When I'm not at my laptop, you'll find me on a plane to somewhere strange, hanging out with my cat, or face-down in a pan of freshly baked brownies.

If you'd like to commission me, please contact me on [email protected]



Group Travel World
Castles and Conquerors - the Swanage Railway

I rode along my local heritage railway for Group Travel World magazine. Steaming through the gorgeous Purbecks, I took the reader on a journey through a thousand years of Dorset history, from a bloody civil war to a genteel Victorian day at the seaside. I also interviewed the Marketing Manager, and this was used in a different issue of GTW.

Il-Bizzilla (Air Malta's inflight magazine)
Nadur's Carnival of Contrasts

I covered the mischevious and unique carnivals in the Gozitan village of Nadur. You'll find people frantically climbing the greasy pole (literally) and kids performing adorable dance routines. But at night, it's the adults' turn to shine - and they come out with some of the whackiest costumes on earth.

the Guardian
The best ice rinks in the UK and Europe: readers' tips

I was one of the winners of a Guardian writing competition, as my piece on Warsaw's winter ice rink was selected by Lonely Planet's Editorial Director, Tom Hall, to feature in an article on Europe's best ice rinks.

Il-Bizzilla (Air Malta's inflight magazine)
Malta's Secret Cat Sanctuary

While travelling in Malta, I discovered a quirky street corner inhabited purely by cats. Turns out, a fascinating woman called Roza Zammit Salinos uses it as a sanctuary for stray animals. Despite the prying eyes of property developers, she's created something that's slowly becoming a tourist destination in its own right. I pitched this idea to Air Malta's inflight magazine, Il-Bizzilla, and they loved it. I've since written many more pieces for Il-Bizzilla.

Singapore's Quirkiest (and cutest) Cafes

After visiting all four of Singapore's cat cafes (yes, I am a crazy cat lady), I pitched an idea to Singaporean pet magazine Clubpets - a guide to the city's cat cafes, featuring an interview with the owners of the best-known one. Thankfully, they loved it, and it was published in their March 2017 edition.


Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition wows at the V&A | All About History

I went to the V&A's exclusive press preview of their blockbuster exhibition, Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up, and wrote about it for All About History. As well as noting down key information, dictating speeches made by the curators, and making contacts with other journalists at the event, I took photographs of the exhibits that were eventually used in the piece.

All About History
Tamerlane's Reign of Terror

As one of my first assignments as Features Editor on All About History, I wrote an 8-page feature on the bloodthirsty reign of Tamerlane the Great (or, as he was actually known, Timur). I was involved with commissioning illustrations, map graphics, and the design of the feature.

BBC History Revealed
Terracotta Warriors

I travelled to the World Museum Liverpool to meet the curators of the pioneering Terracotta Warriors exhibition - the first time these Chinese artefacts would be seen in the UK in over a decade. They gave me a taste of what to expect, and took me round the gallery the exhibition would be held in, explaining their vision for its white walls and cellophane-covered floors.

BBC History Revealed
In Pictures - The Spanish Civil War

An image-led feature summing up the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. As well as writing the text, I helped source images for the feature.

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