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I write about international politics and cultures.

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I am pulled towards jokes well told, opinions that make you think and journalism that provokes and subverts. Given the volatile media climate that we live in, this is exactly the wrong time to be cynical or apathetic. Now is the time to recognise the value original content has in challenging the status quo, reflecting on the absurd and the unspoken and giving voices to the silenced. I'm looking to do just that.

Inside Africa's new continental free trade deal

In the African Union's long-term strategy document, Agenda 2063, is a vision of utopia. A prosperous Africa, a peaceful Africa, a just Africa. One where Pan Africanism and individual cultural values embolden one another, global interactions are no rigged games, and its businesses and people alike reap the benefits of economic development.

Run or Die: Central America's Coin Toss

It was 6 p.m. on December 10th 1981 when Rufina Amaya saw soldiers storm the hamlet of El Mozote, El Salvador. The townspeople were told the afternoon before that the Salvadoran Army would be coming.

Raddington Report
The Not-So-Special Relationship? | Raddington Report

When Theresa May became the first head of state to visit Donald Trump in Washington, a photo of the two leaders holding hands while strolling around the White House went viral - predictably stealing the show from any other news about their meeting.

Raddington Report
China and Latin America: New Best Friends? | Raddington Report

Conversations about China and the United States span many issues and contexts, but an acknowledgement of shifting power dynamics often burns below the words. Depending on the room, a dethroned United States is downplayed or denied. It can also be applauded or feared.

Cocoa in Ivory Coast and the challenge of sustainability

In the Ivory Coast, cocoa is more valuable than gold. This isn't just a figure of speech: OEC reports that cocoa beans and related products, such as chocolate and cocoa paste, accounted for over 40% of the country's export values in 2015.

Raddington Report
Chile: From Repression to Remembrance | Raddington Report

This Sunday, Chile will elect its next President. Two names will be on the ticket, both options of the past: billionaire former President Sebastián Piñera, leader of the conservative coalition Chile Vamos, will face Alejandro Guillier, a TV journalist and self-styled 'outsider' who represents the ruling centre-left alliance, Nueva Mayoria.

The State Of The Arts
Ice & Fire's 'Asylum Monologues'

Nik McNally hears the stories of asylum seekers, fleeing suffering but facing inhumane treatment at the hands of the UK's Home Office.

The State Of The Arts
Review: Manchester Film Festival '16

Manchester Film Festival: exploring alternatives to the onslaught of superheroes and sequels that are infantilising cinema while boosting the cultural activity in lesser-represented cities.

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