Jade Prévost-Manuel

Freelance Journalist

A recent graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, I previously served as the Science and Technology Editor of The McGill Tribune. As a young working professional, I'm now looking to build up my freelancing portfolio.




A Local's Guide to Montreal | ROOSTERGNN

M ontreal is the second largest city in Canada, and is best known for its European charm. Its vibrant summer months host larger-than-life festivals, celebrations, and an influx...


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A wash with crystalline blue waters, delicious national dishes, and rich cultural history, the Caribbean archipelago is a treasure chest harbouring some of the world's most...

The McGill Tribune

McGill develops new screening method for Canada's deadliest women's cancer | The McGill Tribune

Just hearing the "C" word is enough to send chills down anyone's spine-and with cancer warnings splashed across everything from cigarette packages to coffee cups, it's difficult...

The McGill Tribune

"So what are you going to do with that degree? Any plans?" | The McGill Tribune

Six years ago, I sat in a computer lab at my rural high school in southwestern Ontario for a mandatory course that the majority of my grade considered mind-numbingly dull:...

The McGill Tribune

Caffè Farina offers a taste of Italy in Saint-Henri | The McGill Tribune

Tucked away in the quiet southwestern borough of Saint-Henri lies Caffè Farina, a new Italian espresso bar and eatery that opened in November 2017. Serving bold coffees and...

The McGill Tribune

A tribute to the best toys of the '90s and 2000s | The McGill Tribune

Any McGill student can argue that everything was better in the '90s. Toys "R" Us was still in business, and Britney-not Kendall-was the queen of Pepsi. In terms of toys, the...

The McGill Tribune

Project pollution: McGill professor highlights the risk | The McGill Tribune

On Oct. 19, the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health released a report identifying pollution as the cause of nine million deaths across the world in 2015. The report...

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Three documentaries on Netflix to get you thinking about oceans | The McGill Tribune

In an age where human interplanetary travel is nearing feasibility and our species occupies all corners of the earth, our fragile oceans still remain a mystery. According to the...

The McGill Tribune

Why reducing emissions isn't enough to change our climate trajectory | The McGill Tribune

Audience members at the Living Soils Symposium's climate talk on Oct. 15 fell silent when the conference's final speaker, President and Co-Founder of The Carbon Underground...

The McGill Tribune

Plan to procrastinate, studies suggest | The McGill Tribune

It's a Friday night, and a midnight deadline looms ahead. At 11:55 p.m., many students race against the clock to submit their assignments. Perhaps they're scolding themselves...