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My name is Alex Mitcheson and I am a Freelance Writer that resides on the Gold Coast, Australia. A critical chap, prone to a good sunburn and very much a Virgo.

Raised and educated in England, I have always found myself being a storyteller. The last 5 years has seen me creating such 'stories' and other works professionally.

My passion is making a reader either feel like they were 'there' or that they wish they had been. I am desirous to push my work more into travel/lifestyle with a big leaning towards interview, where I feel my writing shines and I enjoy the intimate nature of pulling someone's mind apart.

My prerogative isn’t just to tell good stories.

It’s to bring those stories to life, and to make sure the world hears them roar.

Destination Gold Coast Blog

With so much stunning beauty and majesty being present around the Gold Coast it is sometimes easy to forget about our diverse and ever-present marine life. Often it is easy to be distracted by our great beaches, but if you take the time you can really discover some incredible wildlife not only around our ocean, but also beneath it!

Digital Magazines

The Inertia
Even In All Its Overcrowded Mayhem, Snapper Has Unmatched Charm

I glance down at my watch. It's just after nine a.m. Over the top of my coffee cup, I scour the ocean. It's a wild and bumpy canvas smothered with mood today. There's only going to be one decent spot, I think aloud. Jumping in my car, I leave Currumbin, heading south.

Talking The Drop with Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew

Do you ever feel like you should have been born at an earlier time? Is the world we live in today, for all its comforts and advancements just the afterthought of a bygone era? One man who's very existence might support that ethos is the Gold Coast's very own Wayne 'Rabbit Bartholomew.

Rarlo Magazine
Sipping Sake

Sipping Sake The sign slows down and reads Kanda Station, this is my stop. On an escalator floating up to the street level I check Google maps and confirm that my rendezvous is only a few blocks away. I check again to ascertain the direction, before, then, my phone dies.

Issue 50 - Our Chat with Stephanie Gilmore

Surfing is unvaryingly an integral part of our very life here on the Gold Coast. Period. Even if you aren't throwing your board in the car and scurrying across the sand with your eyes transfixed on the waves, you'll be just as happy to sit and watch as the many talents do their magical dance upon the beautiful blue canvas.

Print Magazines

Scout Magazine
Summer Wine Winners

WANTING TO KNOW WHAT WINES YOU SHOULD BE SLURPING IN THE HEAT? READ ON... When it comes down to grabbing a bottle of wine for any occasion, we certainly have a plentiful choice here in the lucky country. You can...

Ocean Road Magazine
A Dining Renaissance

Feature article on restauranteur Simon Gloftis Summer Edition 2016/17

Ocean Road Magazine
Growing the Passion

Interview with Sommelier David Stevens-Castro Spring Edition 2017

The Urban List- Gold Coast

The Urban List Gold Coast
7 Places to Run into a Surfer During the Quiksilver Pro

It's that time of year again! When you grab your friends, head on down the coast, pretend that you surf by knowing all the pros' nicknames, and take in the action of the Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro being held at our very own Snapper Rocks at Rainbow Bay.

The Urban List Gold Coast
What Type Of Wine Is For Me?

So you can walk into a restaurant and take command of the wine menu, we're helping you out with an expert run down on your fave drop.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Found | The Best Ribs on the Gold Coast

We have gnawed, nibbled, and noshed our way through our own body weight in barbecue meats, to bring you this guide to the best ribs on the Gold Coast.

The Urban List Gold Coast

There's no doubt our beloved Gold Coast is seeing an almost revolutionary hoist in restaurants, bars, and cafes. Some might say we are experiencing somewhat of a "food rush" period of time. We've always had the weather, the setting, and the desire to gastronomically compete with our friends in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces behind your faves | 5 minutes with Adam Haralampou

Let us begin by clarifying something, so we are all on the same page here: Pizza is incredible. Period. How many of us have dreamed of running off to a sun-soaked villa in Tuscany, where the wine never ceases to flow and the pasta bowl is never empty?

The Urban List Gold Coast
Where to find Gold Coast's best winter roasts

When the nights begin to draw in, the days grow short, and the thermometer doesn't dare push past 20 degrees #ahmagod, where does one turn for comfort? To a good old-fashioned roast dinner, of course! Hailing from the old country (England), a Sunday roast lunch was part of my staple diet growing up.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | 5 Minutes with Mitch & Nerissa McCluskey

When something happens organically and you let it nurture itself, in turn becoming something greater than you actually perceived, it's surely a great piece of work? A couple that would agree with this ethos is Mitch and Nerissa McCluskey, co-owners of Mermaid Beach's Etsu Izakaya, Burleigh's Commune café, and also behind Exotic Pets Presents, AKA Broadbeach's pop-up bar, Aloha.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | 5 Mins with Bonita Bonita's Morgan & Jess

We can all recount a time in our lives when there was that spark. That little something; be it a situation, a chance meeting, an experience or an epiphany that then led onto something greater happening. That time when you took stock and decided to do something differently, or perhaps even take a plunge into the unknown and start something completely new.

The Urban List Gold Coast
9 of the Best Restaurants on the Gold Coast for Meat Lovers

Since our very earliest ancestors decided to fashion spears and chase animals for food, to our modern day; we as humans have quite the relationship with meat. We are, however, not talking for all humans, and we have nothing against all you devout vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians out there.

The Urban List Gold Coast
7 of the Coast's best laptop-friendly cafes to get work done

The office, for many people, is a modern day prison cell. Sat for eight or more hours per day in the same room can, well, take its toll. Getting out and about with laptop in hand can often be the answer, if not a last ditch attempt to save your sanity.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | The Gemelli Brothers

How would you feel about going into business with family? We chatted with three local brothers who've pooled their cooking talents with great success.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Gold Coast's Best Fish and Chips | 2016 Edition

With definite roots in British culture, the humble fish and chips have to be one of Australia's most loved takeaway dishes. It partners magically well with sitting by the beach, the wind in your hair, watching waves crash on the shore and, more than likely, being mobbed by a rabid pack of seagulls.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | The Cambus Wallace's Dave Ferry

A long and arduous journey through thick and thin, with hard fought times deserves a pleasant ending and the enjoyment of reaching your destination. But there was not to be such luck for The Cambus Wallace or her crew on September 3, 1894.

The Urban List Gold Coast
5 Under-The-Radar Coffee Joints You Might Not Know About

There's no doubt there are copious amounts of fab cafes on the Gold Coast for you to get your morning fix. We all have our benchmark favourite cafe, or that spot you hit once in a while, or perhaps even your sneaky hangover hideaway.

The Urban List Gold Coast
7 Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants On The Gold Coast

What is your idea of a fine dining setting? Stuffy dining rooms, over-starched tablecloths, stone-faced wait staff, and an unpronounceable wine list? Well, that certainly still exists, but recent shifts have seen a more informal approach to fine dining, particularly here on the Coast.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | Ben & Ursula Watts Of Paddock & Bam Bam

Sometimes a coffee simply isn't enough. Sometimes a sweet pastry is also necessary. A couple with similar thoughts is Ursula and Ben Watts; the faces behind Paddock Bakery, Paddock's Tallebudgera Creek pop-up, and Bam Bam Bakehouse. Both born and raised within two kilometres of each other in Gold Coast's Guanaba, the pair is now happily married and parents to two lively little nippers.

The Urban List Gold Coast
8 Of The Best Breakfasts In Coolangatta

If it's been a while since you last ventured to the deep south, let us tempt you with eight of the best breakfasts in Coolangatta. You're welcome!

The Urban List Gold Coast
Where To Find The Gold Coast's Very Best Breakfast Burritos

What is it that's so damn fine about a well-made breakfast burrito? The simplicity? The 'tip of the cap' to Mexican cuisine? Or, the fact you can ram the usual suspects of breakfast into your mouth in one thrust?

The Urban List Gold Coast
10 Non-Lame Touristy Things To Do On The Gold Coast

Your interstate friends are coming to town and you're sweating at the thought of your 85th visit to a glorious Gold Coast beach. But, before you deliberately break an this list. Here are 10 fresh, tourist-friendly options that will both impress your visiting friends and won't make you want to scream with boredom.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Faces Behind Your Faves | 5 Minutes With Bartender, Adam Bastow

There is always a time for a cocktail. For some, it is more often than not. Others sip them whilst enjoying lunch or dinner with friends and some might fall into the category of only having a cocktail once in a blue moon.

The Urban List Gold Coast
Gold Coast Winery Tours You Have To Do

Somebody a lot cleverer than myself once said, "beer is made by men, wine by God". Quite a powerful statement to make. But, behind this very sentiment lies the ethos that indeed wine is, well, a mighty fine drink. But did you know that the Gold Coast has wine growing areas in its very own backyard?

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Finding food for thought

The world of food is changing. We as humans are eating a wider range of foods than we ever have done before. We are consciously choosing what we put in our mouths and showing great curiosity as to where it has come from, how it has been grown and sourced.

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