Hough van der Heiden

Writer (copy, screen and creative), voice acting, and video and photo editing.

South Africa

I am a film student of Open Window Academy, located in Pretoria, South Africa. Over the course of my major, I have worked (both at campus and freelanced) on a multitude of different writing projects, including but not limited to: Copy writing, Writing essays, making landing pages, creative writing editing, non-fiction writing, screenwriting, advertisements for both marketing and corporate.

My studies have also given me some experience in other parts of film making, like production, sound design and so on. This, coupled with my writing, allows for accurate price estimations, as well as understanding the filmmaking process.

Furthermore, I am skilled in video editing and voice acting. Thanks to my studies in VFX and video editing, I became proficient with Adobe Aftereffects, Premier, DaVinci Resolve and photoshop. I have worked on several short films, including poetic films, found footage films and more, where I was in charge of color grading, syncing audio, compositing, and virtually everything to do with the editing process.

I work well in teams, both in writing and editing. Working in teams is an essential part of any large project and I aim to work efficiently with other parties to deliver great work as quickly as possible.

Hough v.d H.

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