Michael Riordan

"I write to discover what I know." -- Flannery O'Connor

United States

Michael Riordan is a writer of poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and musical plays for schools and community theater. He has taught in the U.S., Australia, Singapore, and China, where he was a professor of writing and film studies. He co-founded and directed 'Creative Action Now', a Singapore-based English Language school and consultancy. In 2020, he was awarded First Prize for nonfiction by Ageless Authors.

He is a member of The Association of Writers & Writing Programs, The Australian Society of Authors, and Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

A proud father and grandfather, he and his wife Mary live in Arlington, Texas.

email: [email protected]

Abandoned Mine
"Negative Space"

A poem about knowing what is there and what is not there...

Epoch Press
Author Spotlight: Michael Riordan - Epoch Press

Michael Riordan is a retired professor of Writing and Film Studies who has taught in the U.S., Australia, Singapore and China. In 2020, he won First Prize for nonfiction in the U.S.-based "Ageless Authors" international writing competition. His wife Mary keeps him young; his grandchildren keep him childish.

The Honeymoon

Embassies were warning foreigners to leave while ferries were still operating and roads were open...tanks were rolling...

Medicine and Meaning
You Will Know This As Love | UAMS Medicine and Meaning

Sometimes things happen at just the right time. Serendipity? A blessing? It doesn't matter what we call it. When it happens, we don't care if it is a coincidence or a godsend. M. Scott Peck's book, The Road Less Traveled, came to me in the mid-1980s.

Front Range Review
"The Book"

Old brothers review the facts of life: "THE BOOK was never mentioned by name, but we soon discovered that it was easy to read and that it unlocked countless secrets..."

Months To Years
Layover at Heartbreak Hotel - Months To Years

Nobody really needs to know my whereabouts, I thought. 'Whereabouts'-such a vague and unhelpful term. Being a widower was not about a place. It was just about missing my wife, Stella, and her life, puffing out in throaty gasps in a strange, awful rhythm until the end.

The Smart Set
My Scene's Mise-en-Scene

I'm staring out the window. In film studies, it's called a "look of outward regard." If I were a character in a movie, the audience will wonder what I'm looking at and what will happen next. I should be setting up for my next class, but I zoom in on the campus grounds below: a [...]

You&Me Magazine
Bees Don't Get Prostate Cancer

When I found blood where it didn't belong, I did what every man does instinctively: I ignored it and hoped it would go away. Men don't panic. Men take the mature approach to any yucky problems down there. Maybe I would wake up to find that it was all a dream.

50Something National Seniors (Australia)

"Michael Riordan isn't sure whether his new hearing aids are a blessing or a curse."

Spirituality & Health
"Always Bring Presence" by Michael Riordan

We met Daniel at the clinic. Like Daniel and a dozen other regulars, my wife was in the infusion room because she had cancer. At first, we purposely avoided others because we wanted no part of their lives or their troubles, we were struggling being present with our own.

table/FEAST Literary Magazine

Tides retreat, flatten...

When Our Hearts Become the Sky-Michael Riordan - PLEASE SEE ME

I thought I was a poet. Teaching was to be temporary before I became a full-time writer. What the world needed from me most, I thought, was my poetry-a mix of jagged angst and lyrical melancholy. I sent off fragments of my soul, and I always included a self-addressed stamped return envelope.

Short Édition
Sins and Secrets

He had earned the stamp of "loser" in his father-in-law's eyes. Worse, he was less a man to his wife Jean. When a possum tried to move in a few months after they purchased their little two-bedroom "starter home," the pest people found asbestos in the roof lining and walls.

Adelaide Magazine
ALEXA, PLAY RAIN by Michael Riordan

I have trouble sleeping these days. So, I ask my Alexa device to play re-created sounds of falling rain, which she mixes with some low-toned thunder. Nightly melatonin stopped working, so this is giving "nature" a shot. Alexa's offering always does the trick for my slumbering wife who readily lets the purring drone cover her like a blanket.

Wingless Dreamer

...a poem about what might be tugging at our feet.

Writers and Readers' Magazine (UK) https://thewritersandreadersmagazine.com
"Gout Made the List"

Don't bother complaining about your gout during a global pandemic...