Weyinmi Barrow

Student, Maple Leaf International School. Editor-in-Chief, The Maple Monthly

Trinidad and Tobago

I am a writer based in Trinidad and Tobago, though I was born and raised for most of my years in Abuja, Nigeria. I have been writing for about a decade. I have written for various literary journals such as Scribere.org and in other local school and community publications. I am very versatile, and my writing extends to various genres and sub genres including essays, poetry, articles and short stories.

Maple Leaf’s What’s Your Write?
What’s Your Write Poetry Submissions

These are a compilation of poems that I had submitted and won the first prize at a local school wide writing competition.

Private Client
Trauma and Escapism

This essay illustrates the connection between negative escapism as a coping mechanism for psychological trauma.

Personal Essay

A personal essay the importance of identity- or lack thereof, and what factors, specifically your name, play into the formation of identity.