Aisha West

Writer, Editor, Proofreader

United States

Aisha is a freelance fiction writer and copywriter who has been living in Brooklyn for 24 years. She writes fiction about the weirdness of family, feature articles about the connectivity of pop culture, and compelling copy about anything you want. She has a BFA from NYU in the Dramatic Arts and shares her home with three tuxedo cats.

Modern Professional
Game-Changing Psychedelic Water Leads a Revolutionary Movement

Your face will not melt. That is what Keith Stein reassures everyone about his newest product, Psychedelic Water, a blend of legal, non-hallucinogenic psychedelic herbs and green tea extracts. Before he became the founder of the recently-launched mood booster, he spent part of his career in the legal profession working with clever, successful entrepreneurs.


The educational division of Michelsson-Gardener Corporation - mostly known for kitchen appliances - received private grant money to conduct a study about unacknowledged inequalities in pre-college education. It began ten years before my graduating class began kindergarten, and concluded that adhering to an alphabetical roll call throughout the course of twelve years of school had more to do with a student's success in life than race, sex, gender or class.


Here's where I look really bad. When I went to the dentist yesterday to get a rotten tooth pulled (Thanks for fronting me the cash, Dad!), the receptionist held her hand over her mouth and asked "Do you need to wipe your feet?" I had stepped in dog shit, probably Milford's.

West - HASH

Nyrna Beckingham couldn't quite believe she was here, 30 miles from her home, sitting on a park bench. But that woman (at least Nyrna assumed it was a woman) gratebaker829 hadn't responded to her, not over the phone, not over email. Nyran disliked the anonymity of the Internet.

Apogee Digital
Hometraining by Aisha West | Apogee Journal, Issue 15

Dolores's daughter hollers in the backseat, pretty much the only reason she opens her mouth these days. Barely to talk, not to eat, not to drink. She was always a big girl, and this is the first time in her 7-year-old life that she's losing weight.

Synaesthetic Theatre

Synaesthetic Theatre and Center for Embodied Performance offer A two-week immersion in Grotowski-based physical acting training in the Berkshire mountains with master teacher Stephen Wangh (author of An Acrobat of the Heart and The Heart of Teaching) and co-teachers Erica Fae, Wendy vanden Heuvel, and Raïna von Waldenburg.