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Victoria Garry is an extremely passionate and dedicated writer located in Los Angeles, having just relocated from Australia. Her interests include but are not limited to television/movies, critical reviews, sports journalism within rugby league, poetry/prose and creative writing.

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What Women's State of Origin Meant to Us

What does the Women's State of Origin mean to me, a fan? What does it mean to the thousands of women who proudly support the game week after week? Honestly, it's nearly impossible to put into words just how much last night meant to me but in honour of those women who took the field I will try my very hardest - with the help of some other brave women.

Prose Submission
The Storm

Mental illness is a cloud that has hovered over my head for my whole life. I always knew it was out there and that it was real but I never truly understood what it meant. I had accepted the cloud and became adjusted to the shadow cast over my life but it wasn’t until the rain started to pour that I truly understood. I guess that’s the way life goes, unfortunately. You can never truly understand something until you can relate to it. When I was in school I used to seriously struggle with...

Endless Words, Endless Thoughts

Please do not judge my heart for these words are words I have chosen to empty the emotion filled from within.

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Women In League - My Story

In my 24 years on earth I have been called a tomboy more times than I can possibly count. I've always displayed characteristics that aren't stereotypically feminine and my outlandish obsession with rugby league has never helped this. For so many people, my love of sport has defined me as a person and that definition was always that I was a tomboy.

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The Positive Impact of Josh Dugan

Josh Dugan fronted the media today ahead of Cronulla's elimination final against the Penrith Panthers this weekend however, the looming game is not the talking point after his interview. Throughout the whole near 8 minute interview, Josh displayed a heightened level of emotion as he spoke every answer in full detail almost as if he was reflecting on the year that has passed so far.

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A Black Armband for Gabbie

On Sunday, March 18th on a scorching 40 degree day at Brookvale Oval, Parramatta got absolutely destroyed by Manly in the second round of the 2018 NRL Premiership season. Destroyed, for some Parramatta fans, would be an understatement.

Thought Catalog
Diving Into Ed Sheeran's 'Divide' Will Make You A True Romantic

A few weeks ago, in final days before Valentine's Day, my friends and I were walking through a supermarket when we came across a large section dedicated to love heart pillows, mushy cards, teddy bears and endless supplies of chocolate. Instantly, I rolled my eyes and declared that I hated romance.

Underrated Television - Kingdom

There are many television series which fly under the radar as under appreciated and underrated however, the one that sticks out the...