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3 Perfect Days in Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s impossible to see even the highlights in that much time. But bump it up to three days and you’ll be able to tick plenty of the top sights off your bucket list and take in a couple of lesser-known spots, too.

7 Perfect Days in Sardinia

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia often gets compared to its more famous sibling, Sicily. But when you put them side by side, Sardinia often comes out on top.

The rise of the Gummy Mummies

Several women report taking CBD gummies, or medicinal marijuana, as a way to wind down after a hard day. But is medicinal cannabis safe? We asked a doctor.

Fai Thai - inflight magazine for Bangkok Airways
10 Asian Gems

Ten of Asia's most colourful personalities on where they go for the most authentic experiences

Travel Bulletin
Jakarta on my Mind

Often a secondary thought on the way to Bali, Jakarta is becoming a destination in its own right. From the charming Jakarta Old Town to traditional theatre and culture, there’s plenty on offer for visitors.
Top Kitchen Trends

No longer just a functional space, the kitchen is one of the most occupied rooms where cups of tea and aspiring MasterChef contestants are made.
5 Fruit Trees to Grow Indoors

Who doesn't want to walk into an apartment with the aroma of oranges, lemons, and peaches? Growing fruit indoors isn't impossible, but like most gardening pursuits, it requires patience.

Vogue Scandinavia
COS invite you to rethink the future of fashion

There's nothing more life reaffirming than unpacking your winter wardrobe and joyously rediscovering that cashmere sweater you're so glad you bought, those wool trousers that fall so perfectly and that scarf that just magically ties your outfit together

Jetstar Asia magazine

Interview with Michelin-starred chef Guillaume Galliot
What to Plant in Winter in Each State in Australia

There's no one set of rules when it comes to gardening in Australia thanks to our varied climate, but a winter garden is possible no matter where you live - be it a cool or snowy climate or tropical area.

Vogue Scandinavia
Inside Envelope 1976's new concept store in Oslo

Fashion darlings and the force behind sustainable brand Envelope 1976, designer Celine Aagaard and co-founder Pia Nordskaug, have unveiled their first retail offering in Oslo hotspot Oslobukta, near the Munch Museum.

Jetstar Asia magazine
5 of the Best

Ryokans, or traditional Japanese-style inns, are known for their distinctive cultural hospitality experience. We’ve rounded up five of the best to add to your bucket list.

Vogue Scandinavia
A dash of Denmark in Delhi: Inside the wedding of Malie founder Amalie Mikkelsen

Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen describes meeting her now-husband and Malie co-founder as a typical meet-cute moment, a serendipitous instance that is better suited to a Hollywood rom-com, not a classroom. "I had my final presentation and during these exam times there was not much sleep, and I accidentally skipped a slide in my presentation," says the co-creator of Delhi-based fashion label, Malie.

South China Morning Post
Telltale signs

NONSENSE OR NOT, surely everyone has sneaked a peek at their horoscope at some stage.

South China Morning Post
Spoiled for choice

AS THE NEW YEAR rolls in, along with it comes a plethora of trends and buzzwords, and in the spa world it's no different.

South China Morning Post
Sick of it all

FROM ACNE TO menstrual cramps, many conditions traditionally associated with teenagers continue into adulthood.

South China Morning Post
Survive, revive

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD is the motto many Hong Kong professionals live by. But is it all it's cracked up to be?

South China Morning Post
Mastering makeup

IF YOU HAD a makeup artist on hand each morning, applying cosmetics would be easy. But unless you live in the pampered world of celebrities, it's something you have to do yourself - and the results are there for everyone to see.

South China Morning Post
As time goes by

WHETHER YOU'RE a boundary-pushing 20-year-old, a career-driven thirty-something, a financially secure 40-year-old, or fit, fabulous and 50, each decade of life brings different health conditions and problems.

South China Morning Post
Give yourself the time of day

HOW YOU START THE morning will ultimately determine the tone for the day. Not everyone can be a chirpy morning person, but hitting the snooze button and chugging coffee isn't the answer

South China Morning Post
Rest assured

Post DURING THE NIGHT, the body works to restore the stressful effects of the day, giving the skin ample time to revitalise and repair itself. Whether you've had enough sleep or too little, it will be on display for all to see the next morning.

South China Morning Post
Seeking your fortune

ACCORDING TO the Hong Kong Tourism Commission, fortune-tellers on Temple Street charge about $100-$800, depending on your needs, and supposedly, the more you pay, the more accurate their calculations.

Herald Sun
Things to make the move to uni easier

SAYING goodbye to mum and dad and hello to a new, independent you? Moving out of home for the first time requires planning — and now is the time to get started.

Herald Sun
How to study for your exams

BELIEVE it or not, exams weren't invented to make your life hell for a few weeks every year. We're not completely convinced either, but there are some ways you can lessen the pain. Here are five effective ways to get through the exam period (plus tips from students) whether you're in year 10 or sitting your last exam ever.

South China Morning Post
Make the cut

Post THERE'S NO DOUBT a new hairstyle can boost your spirits. Compliments from friends flow like champagne and your confidence soars. But what do you do when a trip to the hair salon has the opposite effect?

South China Morning Post
Don't myth around

INHERITING BROWN EYES, freckles and a penchant for designer footwear is one thing, but smothering your spots with toothpaste at your mother's insistence may not be such a good idea.

Herald Sun
Paying for university in Australia

THERE are many things to tick off your university to do list and we're guessing 'paying for university' isn't at the top. We agree; it's a headache just thinking about it. But whether you decide to pay your bill now or later, it's important to understand all the costs involved.

Herald Sun
Tips for families to survive the VCE

YOUR teenager might be the one doing the VCE but, as a parent, you’re along for the ride. Here are some top tips for families before, during and after the VCE.

Herald Sun
Pass the test: how to ace your medical school interview

WHEN you're applying for a spot at university, there are several hurdles you'll need to jump over before being assigned a student number and shopping for a new backpack. If you're a budding acting or music student, you'll need to audition; if you're pre-med, the hurdles are all the more difficult.

Herald Sun
VCE Summer Schools

Eager students heading into Year 11 and 12 next year can get a head start on their studies through VCE summer school programs.

Herald Sun
Studying at TAFE: myths debunked

IS TAFE really university’s poorer, less educated cousin? From earning less to being taught by substandard teachers, we debunk five myths surrounding TAFE education in Victoria.

Herald Sun
Perks of being a student

WHEN you're juggling lectures and tutorials, essay writing and group assignments, it's hard to stop and smell the roses (or student discount card) and realise how great being a student actually is. Here are 10 little reminders why you should embrace your student life.

South China Morning Post
Poor pore pitiful him

Men aren't immune to the quest for the perfect complexion

Herald Sun
Why owning a dog is good for your health

EVER wondered why you always feel better after some quality hang-time with your fur baby? Well, science says owning a dog is good for your health. Here’s why.

Herald Sun
10 dream jobs you never knew existed

AS THE old saying goes, choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Until Puppy Snuggler becomes a paid gig for life, I'll be heading to the office every day. But all's not lost; there are some real-deal, paid positions that come pretty close - Chocolate Taster, Panda Nanny, Netflix Tagger.

Herald Sun
10 things every first year uni student should know

UNIVERSITY is a whole new world, but get your first year right and it will set you up for an experience to remember. Here are 10 things every first year student should know. 1. Feeling homesick is normal Moving away from family and friends to live and study in a new city can come as a shock, and perhaps a bigger one than expected.

Herald Sun
10 weird jobs you never knew existed

FROM the crazy (professional mourner), to the cool (dog surf instructor), today's job market extends well beyond traditional roles and into the downright unusual. Here are 10 of the most unusual jobs on the planet: 1.

Herald Sun
Hi-tech sim labs open at VU

The new labs are equipped with computerised mannequins that have blinking eyes, breathing chests, bleeding arteries, and grumbling bowels. They can reproduce all the conditions of a real patient including a tricky delivery, a heart attack, or bleeding from a life-threatening injury.

South China Morning Post
Face-saving exercises

SIMPLE SKINCARE IS a thing of the past. Nowadays, our skin gets just as stressed as we do. Red cheeks, greasy or parched skin and pimples are often the bane of women faced with the pressures of modern life.

Herald Sun
Unusual uni courses

WHEN it comes to study, the number of law, medicine, and business courses definitately outweigh the more unusual courses - brewing, surf science, how to survive the zombie apocalypse - think of the awesome reading list alone! Here are seven of the most unusual courses and their Melbourne equilivents. 1.

Herald Sun
How to ace first-year uni

IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom and, for uni students the world over, it was the age of rocking up to class late. Dickens' really knew how the modern day university student would operate but being tardy isn't something to strive for.

Herald Sun
The five most common university myths debunked

DON’T believe everything you hear about university — there’s the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. Explore the top five university myths and make up your own mind.

Herald Sun
5 tips to get the most out of uni open days

ATTENDING an open day gives students the opportunity to try universities on for size. Do you like the look of the campus, is it close to public transport, are the lecturers approachable and friendly, where can the nearest latte be found?

Herald Sun
How to pick a uni course when you’re unsure

DOCTOR, lawyer, puppysitter — the time has come to decide what you want to be. A Melbourne careers expert provides her top tips on how to choose the right course for you.

Herald Sun
Information for parents about VCE

VCE parent? Here are the answers to the questions you don’t want to ask your kids (and everything in between).

Herald Sun
How Australian universities stack up globally

WHEN it comes to global university rankings, Australian institutions have a lot to be proud of according to the Times Higher Education (THE). The 2018 rankings published last month list 35 Australian universities among the world's best, with eight Aussie universities in the world top 200.