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I have been writing articles for over 10 years on a range of subjects but primarily in such diverse fields as addiction and recovery and home and garden. The content can be anything from how to leave the addict you love to home decorating trends in 2020.

The majority of the home and garden blogs are written for the website of a community development company in the southeastern US. They are designed to increase traffic to the website to promote the developer's properties.

All my submissions are thoroughly edited, proofread and ready for publication.

Household Fixes for Scratched Wood

Real wood furniture is beautiful and getting harder to find at any price. Don't let a few scratches, dings and dents on your wood furniture or wood surfaces lead you to completely strip and refinish the surface, or even worse, throw that lovely, but imperfect piece out in the trash.

Discovering Your Decorating Style

Uncovering your own personal style when decorating your new home can seem like a daunting task. To aid in the discovery of personal style, think about what your overall preferences are in home interior décor and design. An easy first step is to choose a color palette.

The Keys to Community Living

If you are considering a move to a planned community or if you have just moved into one, there are certain things you need to know about living comfortably and happily within your new environment. If the community has a Homeowners Association, which many do, read the rules and regulations carefully, and abide by them.

Tips for a Calm and Organized Home

The Scandinavians have long treasured a calming simplicity in their homes and have much to show the rest of the world regarding how to achieve this look of peace and charm in home décor. The Danes refer to this as hygge, pronounced hoo-ga.

Discovering South Carolina in November

Put on a light jacket and comfortable shoes, get out there and discover some fabulous seasonal events. Here are some of the best events, but there are other exciting things to do, see and hear happening all over the state every November.

Tips to Maximize Space in a New Home

Open spaces give a home a light, airy feel and make the home more pleasant to be in as well as easier to move around. An interior decorators trick that can benefit every room is to arrange the furniture and decorative accessories around a focal point.

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