Sonia Mokdad


The Future of E-scooters / 24.06.2020

E-scooters have steadily been taking over our streets all over the world. With But with any new technology, there is always room for improvement. In the case of e-scooters, the area of 90 million e-scooter (shared) rides reported in 2019, it has already proven itself as a solid addition to the ever-growing alternative transportation industry.

4 Moments of Truth Marketing Steps To Nail Your Online Strategy

Customers have the upper hand in today's online market. Contrarily to traditional mass market with which the brands reach out to the customer, in online marketing, it is sometimes the user reaching out to the brand through search engines.

Mind the service gap and improve the customer experience

Service gap occurs when the customer expectations are not met at some point of the customer journey. It can come from a mismatch between customer or management perception and what customers expect from the product or service. It does not always mean that the product is faulty or the service is bad, as service gap analysis is completely based on customer expectations.

5 Key Steps to an Optimized E-commerce Customer Journey - JourneyXP

Research the market, find your suppliers, build your website. Launching an e-commerce can be thought to be easy and you could actually set it all up from the comfort of your home. However, not all e-commerces will be the next Amazon or Zalando.

BIM+ - What is the future of wearable technology on site?

Technology What is the future of wearable technology on site? Wearable technology is set to enhance strength, safety, productivity, communication and vision on site says Sonia Mokdad marketing executive at Geniebelt, a construction project management app developer. In an age of constant technological innovation, new gadgets that make our lives easier are released on a regular basis.