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New York-based freelance writer, interested in writing about food, fashion, technology, millennial poverty, queer life, culture, robots, loneliness...the list is endless, really.

Opinion | 2018 Felt Like The Year Of The Woman Pop Star, But It Wasn't

In many ways, 2018 felt like the year of the female pop star. From the rise of Cardi B to Ariana Grande's continued grip on the charts to Lady Gaga's rebirth in "A Star Is Born," if you looked at only the headlines, you might think that women were dominating the pop music world or that they had at least reached parity with men.

Granny panties are taking over underwear drawers. Here's why.

Rihanna poses on Instagram, lips pursed, come-hither stare firmly in place, wearing a set of yellow, high-waisted underwear and comfy, matching bralette set. 3.6 million people "Like" the post. She's modeling her Savage X Fenty lingerie line. Somewhere in California, her PR reps applaud.

The Forward
Why Did NYC Lose 15 Kosher Restaurants In 2018?

Everyone knows opening a restaurant is a tricky business. Only 21% of restaurant start-ups survive past 15 years, the average restaurant lifetime is 4.5 years, and 17% of restaurants fail within their first year of business. In the kosher community, all of those percentages are a whole lot higher.

The Forward
The Israeli-Owned Los Angeles Restaurant With A 5-Month Wait List

Getting a reservation at Bestia, one of the busiest restaurants in Los Angeles, is a little like scoring tickets to Hamilton; not impossible, but nowhere near likely, and something you're definitely going to brag to your friends about. The Italian hotspot hosts at least 500 diners nightly, with the wise making their reservations months in advance.

The Forward
Kosher Pizza Goes Avant-Garde

It's been a tough year for Basil, the upscale pizzeria turned Mediterranean restaurant that credits itself with bringing Kosher fine dining to trendy Crown Heights. First they sued a competing pizza restaurant, Calabria, for violating the halachic law of "hasagat givul," which literally means boundary infringement and refers to unfair business competition that seeks to harm.

Keeping the Peace

It's a mess down here, a goddamn mess. Such a mess that Israelis have a special word for it, balagan, a word invalidated unless accompanied by frantically gesticulating hands and a scornful glance as if to say I know it's a mess, I'm smart enough to know that and that makes me better than the mess.

The Lit Pub * Love Is the Greatest Threat

12/06/14 The Dangerous Husband by Jane Shapiro is the predecessor of by Gillian Flynn, a marital thriller that amuses itself with unexpected turns of phrase and wiles away the hours by punishing the reader's loyalty. "Help me," he said in greeting. "I'm in a mess." "I'm not the one to save you!"

Review: Why I Am Not A Feminist by Jessa Crispin

Reading this book in public was an experience. I got pitying stares from women of all walks of life, from nurses on their ways to shifts, mothers pushing carriages to bored subway teens. These are the exact kind of women Crispin derides in her new book.

Roxane Gay and her Difficult Women

Let's start with this: The stories in Difficult Women, by Roxane Gay, are not for or about the faint of heart. These stories shouldn't be read in one sitting. These stories shouldn't be picked up for a quick read on a plane. No one should read these stories with a mug of steaming chamomile on a snowy day.

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