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Hi, I'm Shira. I'm a writer who's covered health and tech for Vox, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, The Forward, HuffPo, and others, and I'm passionate about making information about health and science accessible to everyone.

Popular Science
You need to protect yourself from zero-click attacks

After Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity watchdog group that's spent years tracking digital threats, examined the contents of a Saudi activist's phone, researchers quickly discovered that it was infected. But the phone wasn't infected with just any virus. It was infected with NSO Group's zero-click Pegasus spyware-software that does not even require people to click on a link in order to get the infection.

Washington Post
What to do when someone you care about keeps getting into fights online

When Sage Anastasi was a teenager, he spent a lot of time on Facebook, passionately defending social justice issues, such as queer rights or the legality of conversion therapy. Sometimes that passion turned into an angry night spent furiously debating with someone in the comments section of a friend's post.