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Rosan Reodica

Published Author and Creative Writer

Location icon United Arab Emirates

Rosan Reodica is a published Creative Writer and an Account Manager in the Advertising and Creative Event Industry with 9 years of work experience.

- 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2016
- Published Author, The Practicing Misis Cookbook
- Idea Initiator, Fridge Art Initiative 2018-2019

A Bachelor's Degree holder of Clothing Technology, she started her career in the Philippines as an E-commerce Specialist for a streetwear and graphic design studio before moving to Dubai to seek valuable depths. This start in her work life established the trajectory of her career path.

Her mantra, learned from years of involvement in the arts and culture sect, is not the ubiquitous "balance" of work and life - rather, the achievement of work and life "harmony" which is a delicate but beneficial practice.

She weaves constant personal creative projects into her work life and vice versa to make sure that her skills and passion are not compartmentalized, bringing value to both aspects of life.


Need Strong, Creative Concepts? Look, my simple homemade bread went viral!

Junk Terror Bill Focaccia

Decades later, faced with an authoritarian government, Filipinos are reclaiming these words. Maybe a little literally? Like this Junk Terror Bill focaccia by home cook and author @rosankatlea

Filipinos Are Protesting the Anti-Terror Bill Through Baked Goods

The Philippines' Anti-Terror Bill has caused an uproar. With just President Rodrigo Duterte's signature needed to make it law, residents are doing what they can to push back. The controversial bill will allow the government to charge its critics as terrorists and, according to human rights activists, was made to diminish freedom of speech.

Here's One Woke Focaccia

"Here’s one woke focaccia. 🌿 Rosan Katlea Reodica - Juan celebrates her daughter’s 11th month with fresh bread that says #JunkTerrorBill."

Brand Manifesto

Dayo Community
We are Dayo

Upcoming t-shirt brand storytelling using the concept of home, rooting & community.

Dayo Community
We are Dayo

Upcoming t-shirt brand storytelling using the concept of home, rooting & community.

Nas Daily Scriptwriting Hackathon Entries (Top 25)

Nas Daily Scripwriting Hackathon
People are Homes, too

Brief: Write a 3-minute script for Kyle Macdonald - the man who traded a red paperclip for a house. (I was selected among 2,500 applicants to join Nas Daily's storytelling team. I made it to the top 25. Unfortunately, I was not selected for the Top 2 to be hired. But, I believe in my writing and in the fact that opportunities are everywhere for me to tell stories. Give me chance, please. Read my work. Thank you!)

Nas Daily Scripwriting Hackathon
No Fear of Nuclear

Brief: Write a 380-word creative script on nuclear energy.

Nas Daily Scripwriting Hackathon

Brief: Write a 1 minute video on Lark software. (I was selected among 2,500 applicants to join Nas Daily's storytelling team. I made it to the top 25. Unfortunately, I was not selected for the Top 2 to be hired. But, I believe in my writing and in the fact that opportunities are everywhere for me to tell stories. Give me chance, please. Read my work. Thank you!)

Short-Form Content Writing

GoHuntr | Shape a new career. Start your hunt here.
Finding Work Amid Covid | GoHuntr

Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all industries. Worldwide. Understand that your struggle is valid and millions of people share this crisis with you.

GoHuntr | Shape a new career. Start your hunt here.
Easy Sides Hustles You Can Do | GoHuntr

You can still be employed in a job and be your own boss at the same time. Get over your pride and admit that extra income apart from your salary is practical and essential especially during this pandemic.

GoHuntr | Shape a new career. Start your hunt here.
How to Sell Yourself in 2021 | GoHuntr

In today's job search climate, it is essential to stand out from the rest. Your CV gets you through the door, but how you sell yourself will get you a seat at the table.

Word-Count-Powered Content Writing

Social Media Copy - Beauty Writing

Social Media Copy - Books Writing

The backbone of a good writer is humor. I tapped Macho Men and an esteemed Philippine Senator to have their anecdotes printed on STREETWEAR!

IDEA FEATURE: On the Spot: Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago for Team Manila

Creative concept for an Online Exclusives collection with a very unlikely collaboration. Streetwear brand and a Senator? Why not? A collection based on jokes and "pick-up" lines thrown by the late Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, the t-shirt line was a hit even among the streetwear crowd.

When In Manila
Sen. Miriam Pick-Up Lines Shirts from Team Manila Lifestyle

Sen. Miriam Pick-Up Lines Shirts are Out! "Ang love, parang ketchup - matamis pero maraming nakikisawsaw." When in Manila, who are you wearing? You have probably heard her whet everyone's mind with satire, wit, and sarcasm. Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is indeed, a very...

IDEA FEATURE: Macho Manila - Wearable Wit

Feature article on the second collection of Macho Manila, where a creative pool of men made up of directors, writers and comedians were tapped to re-collaborate with Team Manila and have their wit and humor printed on simple black shirts. The collection was a hit for women too!

IDEA FEATURE: The Machos Meet Again | TeamManila Lifestyle | Celebrating Filipino Culture

CREATIVE CONCEPT GENERATION: The concept stemmed from the need of Filipino streetwear clothing Team Manila to answer to the millennials who want more than just macho ego printed on their shirts. The men who make up Macho Manila are creatives in different fields who are talk backed up by intellect. Their famous lines were printed on simple black shirts for the first collection and its success translated to a second serving for the online shop's fans.

IDEA FEATURE: Nick Automatic x Team Manila T-Shirt Collection

Conceptualized an Online Exclusive collaboration bringing together two "rival" streetwear brands in the Philippines. Nick Automatic partners with Team Manila to produce this six-piece t-shirt collection. The idea is that each brand will produce one art direction per design using its iconic elements adapting to the look of the other.

I just wanted to learn how to cook, then I published a parody, prose cookbook!

Psicom Publishing, Philippines
The Practicing Misis Cookbook

"There is no love, there are only proofs of love." - Pierre Reverdy, French Poet I am a Practicing Mrs. and I choose to create Edible love (A parody cookbook for millennial practicing "housewives")

Event Collateral - Offline & Online

[For] Dubai Culture and Arts Authority
Art Fair - Dubai

Flier, invites, ads and manual / Sample works

Video Captions
Art Fair - Dubai

Wrote and aligned video captions for post-art fair online material.

Taste of Dubai - Client Booth
Food Delivery App

Photo Booth Word Decals for Taste of Dubai - Food Delivery App

Creative Storytelling Campaigns

Home and Garden Social Enterprise, Dubai | Enable.ae
Brand Storytelling Campaign

A full campaign proposal for an Emirati social enterprise enabling people with determination - to re-tell the brand story, create visual support and carry over to brand activations

Dessert and Bakeshop, Dubai
Social Media Visual Content

Design concept and sample copywriting collaboration for the Instagram content of a dessert and bakeshop soft launch in Dubai, UAE

Ramadan Series

Pick your mains. Whatever it is, there will always be a plate of cucumber and rocca...

Another creative & a do-good campaign: Spearheading the Fridge Art Initiative - Dubai

Idea Initiation and Social Media Content

A personal project conceptualized with the husband and friends: a group of volunteer artists splattering heART on select fridges across DXB for Ramadan Sharing Fridges - Dubai

Time Out Dubai

More than 40 local artists have transformed Dubai's sharing fridges | Art, The Ramadan sharing fridge initiative is in full swing and now it's been given a visual boost with over 40 local creatives transforming the fridges into works of art.

Website Content

RF Creative Facility
Design Studio - Team

Wrote a brief to introduce the the agency's team beyond their industry terms.

RF Creative Facility
Design Studio - Brand Tone

Wrote a creative business-development approach focusing on the Brand Story from idea churning.

Lifestyle Brand Naming

Food Writing

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
Restaurant Review: Dinamico Restaurant, Intimately Italian

Tucked neatly in the heart of DIFC, one level up in a residential building, Dinamico Restaurant, upon entering it, would give you that homey vibe with its warm lights, small space, open kitchen and an outdoor area one would imagine poetry nights, barbecues and music nights for.

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
The Practicing Misis: Cereal Bowl

"Grown-up versions of childhood favorites are always a party in the tum-tum" Looking for a fast, sweet, fruity and crunchy treat to match the summer heat? Practising Misis Rosan Katlea Reodica shares a simple recipe that won't take you away from winning at your life! #illustradomagazine #taasnoofilipino

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
Restaurant Review: SpiceKlub

Nestled quietly in Bur Dubai, SpiceKlub is a new player in the Indian cuisine foodie scene. For someone who's a fan of the soul food of South Asia, all I have experienced of the food from this region are two extremes - thali eateries where you must line up, and proper fine dining on spiced grills paired with gourmet curries.

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
GROWN UP COMFORT FOOD: A review of Fumé Eatery at the Dubai Marina

Rosan Katlea Reodica a.k.a 'Practicing Misis' answers what's good with Fumé Eatery. She lists down the "yays" and "nays" of the posh restaurant nestled in Pier 7 at the Dubai Marina. So what's her favorite thing about the restaurant? Find out more here: #illustradolife #taasnoofilipino

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
Food: Chicken Oats Caldo by The Practicing Misis

Learn to cook Chicken Oatscaldo with The Practicing Misis - Dubai-based Rosan Katlea Redioca. She says - "My cooking aims to be tipid. You don't need fancy equipment and a lot of time.

Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad
A World Of Good Eats at Shores JBR - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad

By Rosan Katlea-Reodica If you want to travel the world by taste, go to Shores Brunch. Shores is a nondescript hotel restaurant in Ramada Plaza, JBR. Thick heavy tables and chairs filled the space, with a couple of cool grannies on one side, fresh from the beach ladies on the other, a sprinkle of couples both young and old on opposite ends and the teasing buffet spread on the far corner.

Get to know the life behind the writer! | Personal | Creative Concept

A Microwedding

A millennial couple on a budget just wanting to 'be married' instead of to 'get married' - a tiny celebration of their big love. See a glimpse of the writer's own direction and styling.

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