Robin Marie Lapid

Storyteller and Community Manager

Location icon United States of America

I started my career as a journalist and have sharpened myself into a Swiss Army knife of storytelling and branding. I believe that everyone has a compelling story to tell, and I can help you tell it.



Tangram | Case study | Landor

Kempinski Hotels traditionally offers luxury hospitality, but it realized there was a market gap in Chinese accommodations. With only five-star luxury or two-star dreariness to choose from, business travelers had limited hotel options. Kempinski seized the opportunity, selected Beijing as its first location, and engaged Landor to innovate a three-star offering designed to meet business guests' ever-changing needs.

M&S Shwopping | Case study | Landor

After spending a year with Marks & Spencer helping develop a retail strategy to energize its food, fashion, and home goods departments, Landor's next step was to find new opportunities for the brand to stand out. While M&S has long been committed to the environment, its efforts weren't being recognized.

Citroën | Case study | Landor

At the beginning of the global recession, Citroën's management team sought to address the brand's declining sales. Although consumers still purchased Citroën cars for their features and benefits, the brand itself had little or no impact on buying decisions. Together, Landor and Citroën embarked on a seven-year journey to increase sales, bolster brand strength, and empower Citroën to seize new opportunities.

Byline Bank | Case study | Landor

MetroBank Group formed in the wake of the 2008 recession, investing $250 million to save 12 Chicago-area community banks from going under. Twelve were quickly consolidated into five with the ultimate goal of operating as one bank under a single brand.


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