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Tori Banser

Public Relations Account Executive

Location icon United States

Experienced public relations specialist working mobile, financial technology, enterprise messaging, consumer technology and education, focused in thought leadership and media relations.

The Globe and Mail
Open banking offers a clear pathway to an innovative data future

To position Zafin as an expert on the trend of open banking, I drafted an article for Zafin's CEO on how open banking will alter the way banks and financial service providers utilize consumer data. By using a forward-looking topic and pitching the article around the news that the Canadian government was looking implement open banking regulations, I was able to secure a placement for the byline on the Globe and Mail, Zafin's goal publication.

This ebook company is trying to make reading more like videogames

To capitalize on OverDrive's goal to be mentioned in articles around the trends impacting the book industry, I created a pitch around how emerging technology is creating a more immersive reading experience. As a result of the pitch I coordinated an interview with a reporter from Futurism, which resulted in an article that achieved OverDrive's goal of being seen as an innovative leader in the book market.

NBC News
At tech's biggest trade show, privacy was the buzzword

When working with Winston Privacy, an early stage startup, to launch its privacy device among thousands of companies at CES, it was my expertise in B2B media relations that allowed me to craft pitches around trending topics that attracted national reporters. Through the pitch topic about how privacy was forgotten at CES, I secured an interview and mention in the NBC News article included, along with 22 other technology and national business publications.

Zafin raises $22 million CAD Series B as the FinTech expands its relationship with Accenture

When tasked with leading the strategy for Zafin's Series B funding announcement it was my ability to position the funding as a source for Zafin's global growth and the next step in the company's partnership with Accenture that results in feature pieces, such as this BetaKit article, and coverage in 22 additional publications within their target verticals.

5 Ways Mobile is Driving the Next Wave of Technological Innovation

To showcase Infinite Convergence's CEO as an excerpt in the mobile industry, I drafted an article about how mobile is driving technological innovation. It's by drafting a technologically complex article around a variety of industries that are relevant to Infinite Convergence's mobile messaging platform, NetSfere, that I was able to position the CEO in front of the business decision markers who would be implementing the NetSfere.