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Palberta : Roach Goin' Down

Palberta try not to take things too seriously-at least not as serious as one might think. The band chuckles on tracks, spin Chaucerian origin stories and usually include a token cover song on each release. They've admitted their songs usually start out as jokes, spinning insider banter into an innovative and parodic approach to punk.

Big Ups : Two Parts Together

"Even in this world more things exist without our knowledge than with it and the order in creation which you see is that which you have put there, like a string in a maze, so that you shall not lose your way."

Jay Som and Justus Proffit : Nothing's Changed

" Does that make sense? " " That's fucking perfect. " There's something undoubtedly organic on Melina Duterte, aka Jay Som, and Justus Proffit's Nothing's Changed. What started as casual collaboration turned into a fruitful side project with enough material for an EP.


Count My Sheep: An Interview with Spirit of the Beehive

A late afternoon nap. Cool sheets, a cooler pillow. The window is cracked for the first time this year. Someone is vacuuming in the next room. White noise. The egg timer nests in the ball of half folded garb—an outfit soon to be repeated. 3:48: A muddled stream of thought leads to the cliff. “I don’t remember how we got here.” A loose rock, a quick twitch. Awake. The sun is shining. It’s been 6 minutes.

Space out and see things: A conversation with Palm

Palm exist on the fringes of indie rock. In the era of introverted solo acts and "sad-person" bedroom tunes, the band has continued to carve their own sound from untapped pockets of outsider and experimental music. Their story is an unlikely one, but somehow makes sense in the context of their sound.

Shredding the gnar with Gnarwhal

In May, Nashville duo Gnarwhal released their third studio album , a thrilling and ambitious spazz-punk statement. The record is sidewinding, turbulent and bold, piecing elements of noise, math and experimental rock together into a brilliantly refined post-hardcore spectrum. Composed of outsized instrumental talents Chappy Hull and Tyler Coburn, Gnarwhal stand out for their dense, chaotic arrangements and superb technicality.