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They Are Gutting A Body Of Water - "Destiny XL" | Album Review - POST-TRASH

Douglas Dulgarian's lo-fi tape project has really evolved with this one, so trode the fuck in. Destiny XL is twenty-six minutes of speaker-flooding shoegaze, ICE-cutting vignettes and grippingly dense hooks with enough kick to throw the meanest of console cowboys out of their digital saddles.

Count My Sheep: An Interview with Spirit of the Beehive

A late afternoon nap. Cool sheets, a cooler pillow. The window is cracked for the first time this year. Someone is vacuuming in the next room. White noise. The egg timer nests in the ball of half folded garb—an outfit soon to be repeated. 3:48: A muddled stream of thought leads to the cliff. “I don’t remember how we got here.” A loose rock, a quick twitch. Awake. The sun is shining. It’s been 6 minutes.

Big Ups : Two Parts Together

"Even in this world more things exist without our knowledge than with it and the order in creation which you see is that which you have put there, like a string in a maze, so that you shall not lose your way."