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The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder
I Rented a Friend: Here's What it's Like to Pay a Professional Pal

" RentAFriend "-it's exactly what it sounds like, although not exactly as weird as it sounds. Founded in 2009, the "strictly platonic friendship website" profits off "Members" who are charged $24.95 a month for access to the company's worldwide database of over 600,000 rentable "Friends," who create free profiles and then lease themselves out for anywhere from $10 to $50 an hour.

The Penny Hoarder
Get Paid to Hang Out With People: What It's Like to Work for RentAFriend

I'm the kind of person who arrives at a party fashionably early and then keeps milling about until all of the other guests, Yellow Tail wines and hummus dips have disappeared. But despite the fact that I frequently blur the taxonomic distinction between social butterfly and household pest, it never occurred to me that I could actually monetize the willingness to just, you know...

The Penny Hoarder
How Food Lovers United to Bring the Museum of Food and Drink to Life

In New York City, it would appear there's nothing in this world too trivial or bizarre to eventually find its way inside a glass display case. Manhattan's Flatiron district alone boasts both a Museum of Sex (MoSex) and a Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) - the latter located directly across the street from the former, should any MoSex patrons require the educational equivalent of a cold shower after their visit.

The Penny Hoarder
How I Went to Over 20 MLB Games This Season Without Going Broke

If baseball has lost some of its luster as our country's national pastime, it may be because a day at the ballpark has become a bit too pricy for the common man. The simple pleasure of enjoying a hot dog and a beer at the ballgame can get pretty expensive once you add up your $10 Dodger Dog, $12 craft beer and $75 preferred field box MVP ticket.

The Penny Hoarder
A Chicago Local Reveals the Best Spots for Deep Dish Pizza and Dogs

During the height of Chicago's meatpacking industry, Carl Sandburg dubbed the city "hog butcher to the world." That may no longer be the case, but people here still sure do eat a lot of pork. Not to mention beef, pizza, tacos, fries and just about every other type of artery-clogging street food that is heavy on the heart but light on the wallet.

The Penny Hoarder
Busting the Applebee's L.I.T. Myth: We Drank 20 Just to Try to Catch a Buzz

This past October, Applebee's attracted the attention of budget-minded lushes when it announced a monthlong drink deal featuring $1 margaritas. But the boozy bargain begat a backlash after an anonymous employee's muckraking Snapchat video revealed that the much-hyped Dollaritas were allegedly one part bottom-shelf tequila, one part margarita mix and three parts tap water, all sloshed together in unappetizing plastic buckets.

The News Wheel

The News Wheel
Are Chevrolet's "Real People, Not Actors" Car Commercials Fake?

If you own a television and use it with semi-regularity, you are probably familiar with Chevrolet's latest marketing campaign, "Real People, Not Actors." As the name implies, this series of ads makes the controversial claim that "Real People" and "Actors" are two mutually exclusive groups, while also maintaining that Chevy's car commercials feature only the...

The News Wheel
Who Plays the Family of Tree Huggers in That Subaru Outback Commercial?

Have you seen that Subaru ad for the 2015 Outback that features a family of literal tree huggers taking a nostalgic trip to Woodstock? If so, then you might have wondered who plays the vaguely familiar mom character - or the hippie grandma, or the impressionable daughter, or the nondescript dad, for that matter.

The News Wheel
Get a Load of These Morons in Chevy's New Car Commercials

Thursday night's Steelers-Patriots matchup marked the kickoff of the 2015 NFL season, which will culminate in Super Bowl 50 on February 7th, 2016. Thanks to our country's love affair with televised football, the game also marked the unofficial kickoff of the 2015 car commercial season, a period which will also culminate in this year's Super Bowl.

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